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Demographics of Andorra

In Andorra, the population density is 179.8 people per square kilometer (468 per square mile). Because of this statistic, this country is considered to be densely populated. The total population of Andorra is 76,953 people. Andorra has approximately 42,082 foreign immigrants. Immigrants in Andorra represent 0.1 percent of the total number of immigrants in the world. Immigrants in Andorra represent 56.9 percent of the total number of immigrants in the world. The ethnic diversity of Andorra is rather diverse according to a fractionalization scale based on ethnicity. Ethnic fractionalization (EF) deals with the number, sizes, socioeconomic distribution, and geographical location of distinct cultural groups, usually in a state or some otherwise delineated territory. Specific cultural features might refer to language, skin color, religion, ethnicity, customs and traditions, history, or other distinctive criteria, alone or in combination. Frequently, these features are used for social exclusion and the monopolization of power. The index of ethnic fractionalization in Andorra is 0.7139. This means that there is a relatively high number of unique ethnic groups in Andorra. EF is usually measured as 1 minus the Herfindahl concentration index of ethnolinguistic group shares, which reproduces the probability that two randomly drawn individuals from the population belong to different groups. The theoretical maximum of EF of 1 means that each person belongs to a different group. Read below for statistics of Andorra on median age and gender distribution at various ages.


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