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Quality of Healthcare Services in the United State

The quality of health care services has influenced the health of people living in the United States in a greater magnitude. Specifically, there have been poor health care, services, hence poor health conditions (Donaldson & Bryan, 2012). This happened due to the increased cases of obesity, infant mortality, heart diseases and cancer. The situation has significantly contributed to low social and economic wellbeing of the United States’ citizens where it has greatly affected members of minority communities (Donaldson & Bryan, 2012). The following paper focuses on the major reasons that have been resulted in poor healthcare services in the country.

Barriers to Access Healthcare Services

There have been many obstacles, which include both financial and non financial barriers that have prevented the access of timely and appropriate healthcare services. Financial constraints are associated with reduced health care services. Moreover, the fact that many people in the United States faced deteriorating health conditions causes low socioeconomic status (Iannotta, 2002). Notably, the Hispanic populations, who are less educated, have low family income, less asset accumulation and little job opportunities, which have been hit harder in accessing health care services. An example is how in 1999, twenty-three percent of the Hispanics lived in absolute poverty compared to 8 percent among non-Hispanic (Donaldson & Bryan, 2012). In connection to this, the Hispanics have been neglected to access quality and faster health care services as they cannot afford it because of pocket medical costs even if they have coverage of the health insurance. Their low educational level also impaired their ability to communicate with health care providers as well as the instructions were given. The low education and occupation have limited them in obtaining health insurance coverage thus making the costs of health care services prohibitive.

According to Kominski (2014), language, immigration, and cultural status directly affect access to quality services. Most of the Hispanic people in the United States were born in foreign countries, and many of them are immigrants, who retain their cultural behaviors and beliefs concerning health care and health in general. In this regard, only twenty-eight percent of immigrants were naturalized to become citizens all the other are non-citizens (Iannotta, 2002). The features of the Hispanic population have directly affected the reducing rate of access to health care services and indirectly access to health insurance coverage. However, the unregistered immigrants who own companies and other kinds of businesses do not provide healthcare insurance as a benefit to its employees. With the emergence of new legislation, few immigrants and non-citizens are likely to benefit from health insurance programs in the public medical facilities.

Focusing on the language barrier, the limited proficiency in the English language among Hispanics has reduced their ability to find medical services (Iannotta, 2002). What is more, it reduces their access to information about health issues, for example, through the media. Therefore, use of different languages between the providers and the patients has caused ineffective medical services such as patients who do not understand the side effects or a decrease in the use of primary health care services among the providers and inadequate follow-up of the patients (Donaldson & Bryan, 2012). However, the unregistered immigrants are barred from accessing health care services.

Donaldson & Bryan (2012) explains that another main barrier to access quality health care services is the lack of a usual source of health care. As a rule, a usual source of health care is a place where people go when they fall sick and where they can always meet health care providers (, 2016). Such a defined place reduces the cost of finding an expert who can provide health care services. However, being familiar with one health care provider creates a good environment for the patient and the provider. In this conductive, one can find medical care as well as make several appointments besides understanding the instructions given, hence quality health care services. Besides, the patients can comfortably trust the providers, and what is more, have certainty about the cost of the health care services (Donaldson & Bryan, 2012). Furthermore, a usual source of care enhances the continuous provision of medical services. Surprisingly, in the United States public hospitals have been characterized by long hours of waiting, unsatisfactory health care services and the lack of observation. This has greatly paralyzed the quality of care provided. According to Lavizzo-Mourey (2007), any unregistered immigrants and noncitizens in the United States lack a usual source of care, however, they privately acquire health care insurance coverage.

Access to Health Insurance

According to history, there are some groups of people in the United States, such as the Hispanics, who have been denied health insurance coverage. In 2004, thirty-six percent of the Hispanics under the age of sixty-five lacked health insurance coverage in comparison with the whites who accounted for just fifteen percent (, 2016). Previous studies show that the rate of uninsured is higher in foreigners compared to those born in the United States. However, Making the US Department of Health and Human Services more responsive to the people it serves in the public sector. As a result, employees are provided with health insurance by the government through such programs as Children’s Health Insurance, Medicare, and Veterans Health.

Health Facilities in the Country

For a long time, the United States had a better healthcare system compared to other developed countries. The private sector has highly invested in providing health care services in the United States. In spite of making huge profits, most of the private health care providers charged high costs. This prevented low-income earners, such as the Hispanics, from accessing health care services since it is expensive for them. Following the research, which was done by the National Health Survey, there was a delay in accessing health care services due to high costs and rates of accessing health care coverage, which can probably cut outlay.

Healthcare Unemployment

The United States has focused on improving health care services through employing a larger number of providers. Every day around ten thousand baby boomers retire leaving the health care sector wanting. The US government has responded to this issue by increasing spending on health care services (, 2016). For example in North America, the government has tried to absorb funding through Medicare and other social services. However, with the increased demand for health care services among the old population, there has been constrained budgets and reduced workforce. As a result, there have been reduced wages and poor working conditions with many of the health care providers experiencing low salaries. This caused reduced motivation among health care workers and ineffective return services provided by them.

It is evident that despite the massive efforts of the government of the United States to improve health care services, they are poor particularly among the minority groups such as the Hispanics. The services and their providers remained ineffective, unreliable, unaffordable, and what is more, not accessible to all times. Therefore, it is advisable for the government to develop a strategy that will be fruitful in eliminating the barriers to access quality health care services.

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