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Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: May 17, 2004
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If anything planted

I don't know about the whole "planting grows a plant of that thing" idea. I mean, what would happen in graveyards? Would we have a bunch of dead bodies just hanging around on branches? Can you imagine the stench?

Or all the litter that falls on any dirt covered area multiplies? All that litter?

Even with all the money trees(making $$ worthless) and all the food trees(making Earth's population unlivable very fast). You'd still have to contend with the massive wastefill smelling of decomposing bodies that the world would become.

No, that's not a world I desire. Just let dogs talk. That'd be interesting enough with minimal if any consequences to deal with.

Posted By: BakaKage

Posted On: May 17, 2004
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RE: If anything planted

Hmm...drug dealers out of business. People buy 1 oz of thier drug, plant it...and voila! instant narcotics. And you know some third world country would steal a tomahawk missle, plant it...and suddenly become a superpower after a few prunings of the missle tree. Or someone would plant some deadly nerve toxin or radioactive material, and suddenly once the flowers bloomed BAM millions dead. It would be terrorist heaven. Course, if dogs could talk, would you want to be the person at the humane society putting them all down while they beg for thier life? that would suck.

Posted By: garritt

Posted On: May 17, 2004
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RE: If anything planted

yeah... but somebody could plant a bunch of candy.. then no one would even care about all those missles.

i wouldnt... i'd be in a sugar induced coma.

Posted By: perv

Posted On: May 21, 2004
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RE: If anything planted

Why did Gwyneth name her baby Apple? Is she a Mac fan? Is she from Washington? Is she the Apple of her eye? Did she come out all red? Did Gwyneth crave apples during her pregnancy? Was Apple her mother's maiden name? Did she name her after Fiona? Did she put silly names in a hat and it beat Pringle, Candle, Pixie, and Mango? Is she starting an alphabetical thing and her next will be Banana, then Cherry, just think, when she gets to the letter U, her only choice might be Uglyfruit! Will her first baby's baby food be Apples? Does she want her daughter to grow up and be a teacher?

Seriously, does anyone know why, really? It is an interesting name and I don't think that I have ever heard it used before.

Are you buying that this is really perv? LMAO!!! He would say that a certain part of a woman's body kind of looks like an apple!

Confession time: this is really Beerliquor!