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Posted By: Sean

Posted On: May 1, 2011
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Anything's possible

Considering the fact that most of the people arguing FOR TK seem to be illiterate morons, I figured the opinion of a person of higher mental capacity may be refreshing. Not to say that I'm a genius or anything, but at least I'm not mentally retarded.
Getting to the point, although I remain skeptical of anything I haven't seen myself, I like to keep an open mind. Ideas such as Telekinesis, the paranormal, or alien encounters may seem far-fetched or even impossible to the average, close-minded layperson, but many of these are the same people who believe in an all-powerful god who controls every aspect of our world. Not to step on anyone's religion, but if millions of people across the globe can believe such primitive things, then why is it such blasphemy to speculate that someone can move an object without touching it? I think its a well-known fact that the police often enlist the help of psychics to aid in murder cases gone cold. If psychic phenomena are indeed real, then how is telekinesis any different? I mean, if its possible for someone to know or see things that they shouldn't logically be able to, then why is it so impossible for someone to move something with the vibrational power of their mind?
Just something to consider.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: May 2, 2011
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RE: Anything's possible

Anything is possible? No, I think not.
Anyway, to get to the point. You begin by saying you are "a person of higher mental capacity". You really think so?
You say that people who believe in God "believe such primitive things". I think that is both a dumb and insulting thing to say, not the sort of remark that I would expect from someone with "a higher mental capacity".

Posted By: Josef-Peter Roemer

Posted On: Jul 18, 2012
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RE: RE: Anything's possible

Keith Mayes - You don't get out much do you?. I'm not an intellectual, but from the replies I have read of yours, you seem to be a Religious Wacko!. Who has a closed mind , I'm sure you would fit in great with the Religious Wackos from the past who would have you executed if you did not agree the world was flat. In short your a FOOL!.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jul 18, 2012
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RE: Anything's possible

All I have said is that people are entitled to their beliefs. I personally do not believe in God and if you actually took the trouble to read my articles about religion and God you would realise that.
By calling me a "Religious Wacko" that just goes to show what an absolutely brainless idiot you are!


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