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Posted By: Anonymous

Posted On: Jun 9, 2011
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TK misunderstood

Eh I just stumbled upon this site and wanna put my two cents... It's a possibility TK is just a synonym for energy manipulation. For instance someone can generate heat by rubbing their hands together or take the longer route and will it to get hotter. Maybe it's the same for that straw trick, use artificial ways of creating static, or generate static using the mind. What I'm saying is I don't think TK is moving things with just the mind, there must be some sort of energy source required. All things are energy regardless of what form it comes in. It could come as thoughts, heat, magnetism,etc. So what I'm trying to say is that TK is just manipulating another source of energy not studied enough to prove it's existence, rather maybe no one cares enough to actually try and prove it's existence scientifically. In my opinion, there is no such thing as paranormal, it just hasn't been understood yet. I was a skeptic of TK until I expanded my mind and tried it for myself. I think maybe by practicing, I could have created sort of an attraction force on my fingers such as static or magnetism just by using my mind to create such a force to move objects and that would be considered TK; energy manipulation through just the means of your own mind. I don't find it hard to believe it exists because we use electrical currents through neurons to move our body so I don't think moving a tiny piece of paper using exponentially less electricity(not to be confused with static) than our body is that far fetched. Like I said before, it's only paranormal until it can be explained. It just hasn't been explained in detail because no one probably cares to. Like back then when everyone knew the Earth was flat and the sun rotated around the Earth. The new idea that it was round and rotated around the sun was laughed at by all the respectable scientists at the time.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jun 10, 2011
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RE: TK misunderstood

Trying to explain what TK is has to be pure guesswork because no one has been able to demonstrate it under test conditions to enable it to be examined. We have no proof it exists and all normal thinking people and scientists do not believe it does for one minute. Obviously though if an object is moved it requires energy.

Posted By: progeng

Posted On: Jun 19, 2011
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RE: TK misunderstood

Definition of TK: You want to re-define the meaning of TK? In my world TK stands for the direct influence of the mind on a physical system that cannot be entirely accounted for by the mediation of any known physical energy. Sort of like magic! If you want to change its meaning then I’m sure we’ll create another word to represent TK.

Caring: Maybe no one cares enough to prove the existence of a new energy? Lmao we’re talking about energy, our most powerful asset! We’re pumping trillions in that field!

Static: If you can create static or whatever at the tips of your fingers well that’s just great but that’s not TK. I also get this phenomenon all the time and that’s because I rubbed my feet on a carpet or even the wind when the air is very dry can do that especially if you have loose clothing and long dry hair. Friction is the key. Now if you can produce it without any source other than your brain I definitely want to see that.

A flat Earth: If you told me, back then, that the Earth was flat I would have asked you to prove it because it doesn’t look flat to me and I’m sure not everybody believed it was either but would you dare to challenge someone with the power to end your life or to portrait you as evil and have the mass population spit at you? Royalty and religion had a huge impact on people back then, it was to be feared and obeyed. It's true that at one time some influential individuals lacked knowledge or simply were in denial and said that the Earth was flat and that it was the center of the Universe but there are facts they didn't disagree on and that is the Earth was there to walk on and the Sun existed because it shined on them. Those are strong facts that we all see and feel still today.

But TK? Where is it? I never seen it! I even tried that psi wheel and yes it moved. Air, Heat and vibrations is what made it move and I realized I was influencing those attributes enough to make it move somewhat the way I wanted to and when I failed at controlling it I was able to anticipate its direction using my senses. It all made sense and I’m sure if I had an infrared camera I wouldn’t have had to focus so hard at the surroundings to predict its movements.

Neural impulse: Sure we use electrical impulses in our brains which inevitably creates a magnetic flux but that is so weak that we need very sensitive sensors to detect it. You tell me how this magnetism that is barely exciting very sensitive sensors is able to actually move magnetic AND nonmagnetic matter. If you worked with electro magnets you would know the amount of energy required to create this kind of magnetism would fry you brain instantly.

If there is an energy that I do not know about please be the first one to show its existence. All that is asked is for one person out of the 7 billion on Earth to come forward and show its non-bogus existence no matter how faint it may be. I want to believe it as much as you but it seems that no one is capable of producing a single undeniable fact about it.
Nevertheless this topic is a lot of fun hehe


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