Posted By: Jack

Posted On: May 5, 2012
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Hey everyone this is the first site i found on i know it may sound odd coming from a 15 year old but i belive fully in this stuff.
Well i do after what happened yesterday. There are 2 things i should mention first 1. think of the mind as a muscle starting on smaller weights until gradually your able to pick up heavier and heavier objects.
2. i recently found out that i am related to the woman called Nina Kulagina.......
Ok onwards and upwards, basically what happened yesterday was a series of very weird things, it started early in the morning about 5 ish, coz i woke up and as u do sneak some breakfast but considering my dad meditates and everything i decided i would concentrate on opening my brain shakra, one of the most import and illusive one.
Now i sat there until 7 o'clock when i decided to give yet another shot at moving this rock that i sat in my back garden , only a pebble but a rock none the less.
I stared at the stone and pictured it being nothing more than atoms and light, and when i was fully aware of my breathing and concentration i willed the pebble to float, and i dont know how many guys can do that but i made the thing hover like 10 inches off the floor! tbh i am seriously freaked. My day carried on getting weirder from that moment, first off i accidently squeezed my diet coke to hard and it came out the straw and it was like there was no gravit only for a spit second tho, just as it flew out the straw the stuff floated then dropped.
Now sad news, my nan had died that day and i needed tme to myself and i went off on a bike ride. i stopped in my nearby woods and went and found a tree to sit at. There was so much anger in me i just wanted to cry out but as my anger built it felt like a had more of a hold on the objects around me........ i focused on my bike and yeah it flew about a foot before hitting the floor pretty damn hard...... now please guys this is like somthing from smallville and if you could help in anyway i would appreciate it........

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: May 6, 2012
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You need help for sure if you think anyone is going to believe that pile of horse sh*t.


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