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Posted By: Austin

Posted On: Sep 20, 2012
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For Telekinesis to exist

I thought it would be interesting to explain what it would take for telekinesis to be done, and it makes it seem pretty unlikely.
Many people like to thank telekinesis would be done by energy manipulation, which is absurd. The amount of energy your body would use doing that, you would have to be eating constantly, and digesting it like nobodies business. No, if telekinesis was done, it would be done the same way as telepathy, quantum entanglement.
I am very into physics, and can tell you that this just isn't feasible, even for our brains. Today top physicists have explained they have barely managed to entangle just a few atoms. Try doing that with 3 lbs of brain, which is trillions of atoms. There is no reason to believe that our brain can manipulate things through quantum entanglement. The few atoms that they have entangled actually made contact, the brain isn't going to just entangle itself to your spoon.
All in all, telekinesis is simply EXTREMELY unlikely, but,not impossible, just so difficult it may never be attempted by physicists.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Sep 30, 2012
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RE: RE: RE: For Telekinesis to exist

I have read through your post (above) but fail to understand your comments regarding Quantum Entanglement. You even talk as though telepathy is now an established fact and that it uses QE, but this is simply not the case, telepathy has never been proven to exist and therefore nor has QE been shown to explain it.
Also it is not difficult to make particles become Quantum Entangled as you claim, and indeed QE occurs naturally in nature through radioactive decay.
Wikipedia has a good article on it that you may find will clarify your understanding of QE.

Posted By: Austin

Posted On: Nov 2, 2012
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RE: For Telekinesis to exist

You misunderstand my meaning. The point is that if telekinesis or telepathy is possible in any way at all, then QE would be the best candidate. Dr. Michio Kaku explains this as far as telepathy. Also, QE does happen naturally, but what I mean is to entangle all the atoms you desire just right is next to impossible. That's just considering telepathy. Telekinesis I think is just flat out impossible. I ran into some idiots in my French class who still believed that our brains have untapped potential and that if we used it all telekinesis would be possible. It doesn't matter how smart you are unless you're the phony baloni god you can't change physics. Telekinesis isn't possible due to physical law thanks to the way our brains our engineered. Of course this can depend on interpretation. Is moving metal with a magnet TK? The brain just can't do it and we have no one who has shown any reason to think otherwise.


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