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Posted By: teffla

Posted On: Jun 13, 2013
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It's God's will

It is God's will. Read the Bible. In the New Testiment, it tells how Jesus Christ, our Savior, the one who saved us from our sins, walked on water, healed the ill, and performed many other miracles. In fact, Jesus walked to a boat, and he stopped the ferocious storm the second he stepped in. Afterwards, he had one of the sailors step out of the boat, onto the water, towards him, onto land. He walked on the water! Fear, however, of a wave caused him to sink. But he was brought back up, by the Son of God, who was right in front of the sailor. God has unconditional love for all of us. If we follow Him, He will protect us, and provide for us.

So, it is real. It is God's will to have someone do telekinesis. With God, the Almighty Lord who created earth, heaven and hell, and all the stars, ANYTHING is possible.

Anyhoo, Jesus also fed over 2000 people by multiplying the food he and his 12 disciples had. Read the Bible, please. You'll find out. :)

Must I go on? Science doesn't prove everything. There are people who can heal illnesses instantly, with prayer, of course. It just takes faith in God to do it.

Posted By: teffla

Posted On: Jun 14, 2013
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RE: It's God's will

Telekinesis must be real, just very rare. There are real super-humans out there. Some have super-flexibility, and others have a calculator-like mind, or gill-like lungs, staying underwater for a long time. Now, how can you explain that? Sure, it's mutations, but they are super-natural mutations that come from God. It's God's choice whether or not to give us telekinesis. So, telekinesis must be real. If it IS in everybody's mind, then very few have actually unlocked the ability. Figuring out the step-by-step procedure to activating telekinesis.

By the way, the reason why they haven't claimed the million dollars is probably because they DON'T want to be famous and have a lot of money. They may be happy the way they are. They may not want anyone to find out.

Keith Mayes, why do you severely hinder the possibility telekinesis when you're neutral? Just like the title: "Telekinesis: fact or fantasy?". You are supposed to be NEUTRAL on this debate, not negative. I can debate that God is real (which He is!), and I would just keep saying that he is. That is one debate I really dislike to be negative on. Read the Bible, please. You may find it intriguing. Not everything is based on scientific concepts.

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jun 14, 2013
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RE: It's God's will

I am not pretending to be neutral at all, I clearly state that I think TK is pure nonsense, a fantasy, not real, does not exist. The Title "TK: Fact or Fantasy" is merely a title asking the question. I then go to great lengths to show why it is a load of nonsense, after carrying out a lot of tests and doing a lot of research.
I have no interest in what the bible says, if you elect to believe every word in it, including miracles, that is your choice and based on nothing but faith, it has no place with scientific testing, and anyway happened over 2000 years ago and has never been repeated. Many people, including myself, do not believe any of the miracles really happened, just stories exaggerated over the years oft repeated.
The "super" people you mention are not different or evolved, just highly trained or unusually loose jointed etc. Some savants have amazing powers of memory or mental calculations, due to a small difference in the working of their brain. It unfortunately often has an adverse effect on other areas of their lives. No one has any "gill like lungs"!
Not one person has ever demonstrated TK under proper test conditions, not ever. There is therefore no reason to believe it exists, except for those that want to believe.

Posted By: teffla

Posted On: Jun 16, 2013
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RE: It's God's will

I realized the facts. It's better to just be normal, with your family, than to be a psychic, with telekinesis. True, if anyone DOES have it, why not show it? No camera tricks, and no distortions. Pure reality. One of my many cousins told me that telekinesis doesn't exist.

HOWEVER, when I said about the 'gill-like lungs', I was referring to someone who could stay underwater for longer than what may be possible. He would die eventually, though.

Also, God exists. If you refuse to believe that, then you may or may not go to Hell. I don't decide where you go. God does. That isn't a cuss word, either. That's also a place. Trust me, Hell is horror, with constant suffering for eternity. I just know. Heaven, as its name describes, is heavenly. Repent from your sins, accept Jesus into your heart, and by living a half-decent life, I'm sure you'll be just fine. (I wish I could be saved soon, too).

Posted By: Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jun 17, 2013
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RE: It's God's will

You said "HOWEVER, when I said about the 'gill-like lungs', I was referring to someone who could stay underwater for longer than what may be possible. He would die eventually, though."
I am surprised that you fail to see the obvious contradiction in your statement. How can anyone stay underwater longer than possible? If they stay under for a given time, then they stay under, and therefore it is possible to stay under. How can they do it and then have someone claim it is impossible to do it? The world record for static apnea (holding breath while stationary underwater) is 20 mins 21 secs made Sept 16th 2010. See It sounds impossible but it isn't, it was done. The method used is based on hard science, look it up, and has nothing whatever to do with what you said "super-natural mutations that come from God." That is pure nonsense!
As for your belief in God and heaven and hell, as I have already said, that is your belief so stop trying to convince everyone else. I believe it's nonsense, so leave it at that. Also do not tell me to the read the bible because you are assuming that I haven't and you are totally wrong. I have read and studied the bible. There are a great many religions to choose from, each one convinced they alone are right. I have no interest in any of them, they can't all be right but they can all be wrong!

Posted By: Shadow

Posted On: Jan 11, 2017
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RE: It's God's will

God does not exist neither does TK.
God is a fictional being similar to TK being a fictional ability.

Posted By: Dragon

Posted On: Jan 11, 2017
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RE: RE: It's God's will

Also teffla,

I have a question, if god is so great and amazing they why did he/does he:

- not save any of the disabled, homosexual and Jewish people killed by the Nazi's (God could have just killed Hitler to save those millions that died)

- Let thousands of people die in natural disasters EVERY YEAR (EVEN babies!!! How could a baby have sinned please explain to me that)

- Not support homosexuality, even though it is said that he loves all his "children" equally (what happened to "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"?!?) and also he supposedly "created" us so why did he not create us without homosexuality if he is so against it.

- Only save Noah and 2 of each animal for the sinning and wrong doings of just a handful of people. Don't deny that there were no babies and children when God supposedly "made the world flood", how did they manage to "sin". Also correct me if im wrong, but technically that's genocide of THE ENTIRE RACE! How is God any better than Hitler?

- In the Cain and Abel story, not appreciate Cain's gift of wheat and approve of Abel's KILLING of a baby lamb. How is god "all loving" if he does that. There's 2 things there: being ungrateful for a gift and approving the killing of an INNOCENT BABY ANIMAL over wheat.

If anyone wants to answer this go ahead. I do genuinely want to know why you people still claim that "god is great" and things are "god's will" when its just plain obvious that if there is really a "god" they don't deserve to be respected and worshiped same way murderers and people who committed genocide are not respected. Jesus and God should also not be confused. Jesus was a living breathing person and he also didn't approve of the killing of hundreds of people so why is he considered less great and amazing than god.
Also i'm not meaning to offend anyone, I just want to expand my knowledge of the world and people and I want to understand your beliefs even if I don't necessarily believe them myself.

Posted By: Site owner Keith Mayes

Posted On: Jan 13, 2017
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RE: It's God's will

Dragon, Yep your comment covers it pretty well.


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