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Posted By: Behemoth

Posted On: Oct 8, 2004
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Definately not ground breaking

Although star ocean:TET is a pretty solid game with a fresh battle system and a decent storyline, it doesn't hold a candle to Tales of symphonia in terms of battling, and Star ocean: the second story, in terms of everything excluding graphics. Because i am currently playing it i can't base a valid opinion until i complete it, it could get worse, but then again, it could get ALOT better.

Posted By: BlackMageJawa

Posted On: Oct 6, 2004
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Blue Sphere

BTW, Till the End of Time isn't the third Star Ocean game, it's the fourth. Everyone always leaves out SO: Blue Sphere on the Game Boy Colour.

OK, so it was a direct continuation of The Second Story, and played more like a spin-off than a true SO game, but it was still the third Star Ocean. I just wish someone would translate it into English.

Posted By: Lord Retard

Posted On: Oct 5, 2004
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You have a point, but that's not neccessarily not a comment on the story. More like a comment on what one expects the story to be put against what it really is. If it's a space game, great. If it's a civilisation much earlier, it's still fun.

Posted By: Liam

Posted On: Oct 5, 2004
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Star Ocean 3

Well, indeed the fighting system is above average, but the main quality of a RPG is its story. Or, I'm sorry but I must say that the storyline sucks.
Why are we shown for two hours at the beginning of the game, a complete space civilization, just to spend 30 hours on a Middle Aged planet???
I think that for this third opus, Tri-Ace, which I deeply respect for Valkyrie Profile, could have finally made a game where the title is respected. It is all about a "star ocean", isn't it? Then why are we stuck on the same planet for the most part of the game??

Even if some people don't care, I think that's too bad they didn't take the time to write a true story...well, Tri-Ace is not famous for that, it is true, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating...

Posted By: BlackMageJawa

Posted On: Oct 5, 2004
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We only just got TtEoT in Europe, and I already love it. OK, so Fayt's walk is rather odd, and it's not as good as The Second Story, but then TSS is the best RPG ever made, so what game IS as good as it?