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Posted By: Bongerton

Posted On: Oct 17, 2004
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Pole Dance

They should pole dance. Simple test of dexterity.

Posted By: Cassie

Posted On: Oct 18, 2004
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RE: Pole Dance

Heh. If they both did it in front of all of the women in congress, Kerry would win for sure. He has a bigger willy. I saw this picture (body cardboard cutout) of him one time, and he looked like he had a friggin' ketchup bottle in his pants. :-P

Posted By: someone

Posted On: Oct 18, 2004
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RE: Pole Dance

actually, i thought theresa had a bigger one than him..i saw this picture of her and it looked like she had a huge banana on steroids under her dress...i guess she took it from him, you know, to consolidate for all the money she's given him for marrying her