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Posted By: still looking

Posted On: Dec 5, 2004
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Bad Memory

Ok has anyone got on the high scores board using a laptop with one of those rolley mouses that's in the middle of your keyboard that looks like an eraser? That's what I've been using and getting close to a high scorer, but never getting above 9000.

But then I went to my friend's house and played on her computer with a real mouse (and cordless at that) and it was a whole lot easier.

Posted By: dragonmaster

Posted On: Dec 6, 2004
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RE: Bad Memory

Try conecting a USB mouse to the back of your laptop, their cheap and your scores will be better.

Posted By: still looking

Posted On: Dec 6, 2004
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RE: Bad Memory

yeah I know. I have one of those around here somewhere. Just too lazy to get it.

If tOdd's taught me anything, it's that sitting here doing crap on the computer is better than doing...stuff.

But the anti-tOdd in me worked for 12 hours straight THEN went to a two-hour meeting. I left the house at 6:50 am and got back at 9:30 pm. THEN I wrote a paper for my Masters program. Now it's 10:30 and I'm done for the day. Yay!

Posted By: Dragonmaster

Posted On: Dec 12, 2004
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RE: Bad Memory

ouch......... I won't complain about my 10 hour shifts then.