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Posted On: Mar 21, 2021
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how to have phone sex

how to have phone sex

alternate between using skype and your phone if you are having phone sex two or three times a week you are eventually going to fall into a routine which is a real killer for your relationship on skype when using a webcam you are going to be able to see each other completely this is certainly hot and lets you know exactly what they are doing but your cell phone has its benefits too when talking on your cell phone you won't be able to see your partner without using any software you will only be able to hear them this allows your imagination to run wild perfect for keeping and interesting.
find a good time networks for both of you the last thing either one of you want is a roommate walking in or being interrupted by your mom's nightly 9:00 p.m. call so you basically want to make a date decide on a time for your hot dirty talking date and agree that you won't let whatever myriad of texts or calls that might come in and drop what you're doing you both need to be completely focused and present .
relax this is going to be a walk in the park seriously but if you go into it worrying about what you may or may not say then you're already setting yourself up for disaster this is about fun it's not brain surgery .
get in the mood turn down the lights light some candles turn off call waiting and remove all distractions slip into something sexy that way when he or she asks you what you're wearing you'll have a great answer or perhaps pour a glass of wine whatever helps you get into the right frame of mind .
close your eyes phone sex often feel silly because there is such a difference between what you're talking about sex and what you're actually doing sitting on your bed picking at a loose thread on your comforter the best way to get into it is to let your imagination run wild close those peepers and really listen to what your partner has to say and when you're chatting away imagine that you're actually doing all those nutty things to your sweetie .
talk about the situation and positions describing the situation and surroundings is a hot and sexy way to slowly build up to getting sexual you can do this for just one minute or over ten minutes it's up to you try saying things like I want you to walk over towards the bed and lie down on it okay now tell me how you're feeling now what would you like me to do all these phrases aren't particularly exciting but they are great for slowly getting things going you can also tell him or her what position to take .
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