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Posted By: Grig Woods

Posted On: May 7, 2021
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Job description of the secretary.

On a daily basis, the secretary must perform the following functions: Receive information from subordinates for transmission to the manager. Organize the telephone communication of the manager. In his absence, accept the information, and then bring it to the attention of the director. Receive and keep records of telephone messages. Create conditions for the normal work of the manager: monitor the need for office supplies and office equipment. Assist in organizing production meetings and meetings. Inform the participants of the date, place and time of the event. Collect the necessary materials, ensure the attendance of those present and keep the minutes of the meeting. Conduct office work at the enterprise. To do this, the secretary must receive, systematize incoming correspondence and submit it to the management for consideration. Then, on the basis of the imposed visa, transfer the documents to the performers under the signature. The official duties of the secretary also include control over the progress, deadlines and the result of their execution. Perform work on printing and reproducing documents. Organize the reception of visitors to the head of the company and, if possible, create conditions for the early resolution of issues. In order to perform these seemingly simple official duties of the secretary, the employee must know: the entire composition of the management of the enterprise and its structural divisions; the charter, staff and structure of the enterprise, its profile, development prospects and specialization; regulatory documents for proper record keeping; rules for the use of office equipment and communications; rules of VTR, OT, fire safety and industrial sanitation; rules for the organization of work in the workplace; regulatory and legal acts, orders, resolutions, orders for planning, accounting and quality management of work performed.

Posted By: Tamina

Posted On: May 8, 2021
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RE: Job description of the secretary.

I think that this is currently somewhat irrelevant, as for example you can see for yourself using the useful reference. The fact is that in companies in Singapore, you are required to have a corporate secretary, but this can happen remotely, so please read more information at the link.