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How to check a term paper for plagiarism


For the entire period of study at the university, the student will have to write 2 or 3, and sometimes 4 term papers. Coursework is necessary because working on it helps the student learn to consolidate and systematize the knowledge gained, generate his own ideas, analyze development prospects within a narrowly defined topic, and also prepare for writing a diploma. The material for writing a term paper is processed from a variety of sources says writers from https://editius.com/, ranging from recommended textbooks, and ending with monograms and research by scientists, and periodicals. Before submitting the term paper, the student must check the uniqueness of the text so that the manager does not return the project for revision.
How to check a term paper for plagiarism?
Plagiarism is the copying of passages from other sources. When working on a term paper, it is recommended that all found and suitable text be reworked so that it would be written as if from oneself, through the prism of the author's knowledge and  design... But this is not always possible, and if quotations are often found in the text, then all that remains is to copy them. It is easy to check the text for anti-plagiarism using special services on the Internet. On the website Editius or Gramarly you can download programs and, having installed them on your computer, check the text with their help. On the sites you do not even need to download the program, there you can check the text online. All of the above programs are free, and some do not even require registration before checking the text. Some resources have a limited number of characters for a one-time check, so the text may have to be copied and checked in parts - it's not scary, just checking the term paper for plagiarism will take a little more time. The norm is considered to be the uniqueness of the text from 60%. If the percentage of uniqueness is lower,
Checking coursework for plagiarism - how to increase uniqueness?
If quotes are used in the text, then, of course, they will reduce the overall uniqueness and  relevance themes. In this case, you will need to write the rest of the text so that neither individual phrases nor word combinations are repeated. If you need to insert any of the blocks of text of the textbook into your work, you just need to change the words or parts of the sentence in places to make the text unique. You can also replace some words with synonyms or by meaning - then the uniqueness will immediately increase. As you can see, sometimes students do not write the entire coursework, but only some of its parts, and the rest is downloaded from the Internet. To make the downloaded text unique, it is also enough to rearrange the words or replace them with synonyms.
Uniqueness of the text - what to look for when checking?
After checking, the program gives the final result. Those parts of sentences and phrases that are often found on the Internet will be "highlighted" in a different color in the program. This will give you a hint of what exactly needs to be corrected in order to increase the uniqueness. The uniqueness check must be performed when the coursework is still only in electronic form when the object and the subject of the coursework are written , which will make it easy to make the necessary adjustments. For uniqueness, you need to check almost all parts of the course work: introduction, main part, conclusion and additions. All spreadsheets and formulas are also checked for plagiarism. Even if you just can't significantly increase the uniqueness, then prove to the teacher that you yourself were engaged in the course writer, and draw his attention to the fact that the text was not just copied one fragment, but work was really done on it - as a rule, it always helps. Remember when ordering coursework inexpensively - there is always a risk of getting a work downloaded from the Internet. We are engaged in writing term papers inexpensively and guarantee a really high quality of performance.
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