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Posted By: Grig Woods

Posted On: November 24th
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Passive income online?

Passive income is the main goal of many investors, because money should work. And passive income is just when money works for the owner and brings additional income. But questions immediately arise: how to create your own passive income? Where can I find ideas for it and what needs to be done? Let's figure it out together.

Passive income - what is it
Passive income is a type of earnings that does not require active actions to receive. Instead, the source of earnings becomes an asset (money, real estate, etc.) owned by a person. Passive income is money that comes to the owner's account regardless of age, health status, availability or absence of work, business and other factors.

REFERENCE: a person living on funds received from passive income is called a rentier. In most cases, he has financial assets, real estate or intellectual property.

In order to expand the concept of passive income, we will define what active income is - these are funds received as payment for performing certain work, rendering services. Whatever the source, with active income, a person receives payment while he does something, while with passive money is earned without his participation.

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For example, a person has opened a bank deposit and once a month (or once a year) receives interest on it. Another example is buying bonds and receiving payments (coupon income) on them once a quarter.

Types, ideas and sources of passive earnings
There are 4 types of passive income:

1. Investment
This type of earnings occurs when investing money in various instruments with subsequent profit.


real estate;
securities (stocks, bonds);
bank deposit;
equipment for rent.
2. Marketing
It arises as a result of the creation of marketing systems, for example, a commercial website, brand, etc.

In this case, the source of income can be:

own website;
selling a personal brand to commercial companies;
own structure in network marketing (the larger it is, the higher the earnings).
3. Intellectual
This type of earnings appears as a result of the replication of a particular information product, for example, a webinar recording, a training course or a book. Any information product can be sold an infinite number of times and thus generate income.


royalties for a book, a movie role, a music video, a song, etc.; a
patent for an invention or development, for example, a smartphone application, a computer program, etc.
4. Social
This is an opportunity to legally receive certain material incentives from the state.


pension for age, disability, seniority, loss of breadwinner, etc.;
subsidies for business development;
state subsidies as an aid to pay for utilities.

Posted By: William Doo

Posted On: November 25th
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RE: Passive income online?

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