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Post InfoTOPIC: How do I download Trend Micro on my laptop?
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Posted On: January 17th
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How do I download Trend Micro on my laptop?

Follow the easy steps below to install Trend Micro on your Windows PC.
Click the button below: Download Maximum Security.
Double-click the downloaded file to run the installer.
Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
Fill out the account information to activate your protection.
Once you install Trend Micro Geek Squad download application, you can secu re your PC, Laptop, Mac, mobile phone, Windows, tablets and smartphones from threats of the cyber world. In fact, Trend Micro offers virus protection in online as well as offline mode. This means, with Trend Micro, your data, saved either on the Internet or on your devices, is perfectly secure. Trend Micro Geek Squad technicians ensure that your browsing with Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS platforms, is given the best protection help when it faces some application flaws on the way. They also assist with downloading and installation when you need them for help.