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Post InfoTOPIC: The Different Potential Designs of Vinyl Flooring
Posted By: James Sprag

Posted On: January 28th
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The Different Potential Designs of Vinyl Flooring

When seeking to create your perfect kitchen design, there are many different factors that will go into creating that dream room for you and your family, such as obtaining the right kitchen appliances, the right raw materials to work with and, of course, the kitchen floor. When looking at choosing the right flooring for your kitchen, then luxury vinyl floors are one of the most useful and also one of the most economical choices for your room. One of the best things about luxury vinyl floors is that they can imitate a variety of different materials, such as those below:

Ceramic tiling. If you go into any of the most stylish modern apartments or business environments in the modern day, then you’ll likely see ceramic tiling everywhere, especially in the bathrooms or the kitchens. Ceramic tiling simply looks brilliantly sophisticated as well as possessing that truly cool edge. Experts from HawaiiTrustedRealty, a company that provides floor renovation Hawaii, recommend the use of ceramic floors, because under the ceramic floors can be installed heating. And as a result, you will receive a system of a heat-insulated floor. However, it’s also very prone to cracking and chipping should it suffer a drop of anything particular heavy! Why take that risk? Luxury vinyl floors can represent ceramic tiling in every way, without giving you the risk of incurring damage should something heavy fall on them! It’s a no-brainer.
Wooden flooring. There are many things to admire and desire about wooden floors:they can present a truly warm and comforting atmosphere (think wood cabins in the height of winter!), and yet they can do so without sacrificing that element of elegance that many people desire in their interior design. However, there are still flaws to this classic material. Just as with ceramic tiling, wooden floors are very susceptible to chips and scuffs – and they will be more visible in this variety of flooring than in any other. Also, wood will naturally suffer from wear over the years simply due to people walking over it – a vinyl imitation of wood however will be far better at dealing with any potential impact, and will last for far longer.

Rubber flooring. Without doubt a staple of many modern day kitchens and bathroom, rubber flooring offers many different benefits. Whilst it might not be as sophisticated or as stylish as ceramic or wooden flooring, the fully functional aspects of it make it ideal for any area where hygiene is essential. Because of it’s ‘wipe-clean’ nature, it’s perfect for easy and convenient cleaning, and it also doesn’t suffer from permanent staining unlike some of the other materials we’ve already mentioned in this article. Luxury vinyl floors offer all of these credentials, whilst enabling a level of style and sophistication that you just wouldn’t get otherwise.
Stone flooring. If you’re seeking a truly traditional and ancient look to your kitchen or bathroom, you just can’t argue with a stone floor. It can portray that true level of antiquity and classic sophistication that you can’t get with any other raw materials. However, as with wood and ceramics, it’s susceptible to raw damage and chips, ensuring that it’s far more sensible to invest in luxury vinyl floors that imitate the materials.
When you’re seeking to create new and unique designs for your kitchen and bathrooms, it’s important to make sure that you make the right decision as to which variety of flooring will best suit the design.