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Posted By: Lisa Wembley

Posted On: May 20th
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What actually happens when you use a VPN?

The most common use of a Virtual Private Network is to mask your actual IP address and make it appear as though you are connecting from a different location. When you connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), It creates an encrypted tunnel for your data, protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely. This encryption level depends on the provider offering.

Once you are connected to your desired server, you are virtually at that location—and no one can track your real location. Unfortunately, this won't be possible with a free service; you will have to invest in a paid VPN that is credible enough and has good user reviews.

Smarters VPN is one of the best VPN service providers that encrypts your connection and keeps your personal data safe from being intercepted and read by attackers.