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Posted On: Jul 21, 2022
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Skills required for writing a thesis - 2022


The thesis or dissertation is a prominent part of academic writing. It is a paper depicting your original research work. It is mainly a part of a Ph.D. or master’s degree. However, sometimes it is a requirement in bachelor too. Many students get scared at the thought of a thesis. It is a good idea to reach out to a reliable essay writing service in this respect. Many platforms are offering academic services.
This article is going to help you regarding various skills required to write an effective thesis. Without inculcating those skills in you, you cannot achieve academic excellence. It is advised that students pay close attention to all the details mentioned in this article. Moreover, online essay writer is welcome to visit other sources for further clarification.
Determining the Structure of the Thesis
Let it be known that different dissertations carry different structures. It depends on your field of study or approach. The dissertations in social sciences and natural sciences generally have the structure as given below. However, a thesis in humanities is more like an essay. It also depends on the instructions issued by universities.
Some institutes require a conclusion at the end, while others want it before the discussion. In certain qualitative researches related to social sciences, the results and discussion parts are combined. The structure given below is quite generic which is accepted widely.
Title Page
The kind of title page to be used depends on different formatting styles and the instructor’s guidelines. The title page usually includes the title of the thesis, your name, supervisor’s name, and institute’s name.
This section is where you express your gratitude to people who assisted you in your research. This may include your friends, seniors, mentors or your supervisor. Acknowledgment is usually small with one paragraph.
The abstract summarizes the whole thesis in about 150-300 words. It contains the topic, methodology used, findings, and concluding remarks. The abstract is a short paragraph. It is only this part that most people read. Thus, it should be vivid and self-explanatory, containing an impressive choice of words. It is generally followed by keywords.
Table of Contents
It is a list of headings and subheadings of your paper. College essay writer should not miss any important heading in this part. Some formatting styles do not require a table of contents. However, it always depends on the directions issued by your instructor. Microsoft Word can also automatically generate the table of contents for you.
 List of Figures and Tables
In case you are using many figures and tables, they should be listed in proper order. Word can also do this task for you.
Sometimes highly technical terms are used in the paper that common readers can not comprehend. For that purpose, a glossary is included in which all those terms are explained simplistically for the readers.
The introduction should contain the research topic as well as brief background information. It also consists of the scope of the topic and the relevance of your work. The research question should be clearly and effectively stated. The introduction should be able to generate curiosity amongst your readers. To write my essay service, I always focus on the right choice of vocabulary. That takes some time but is highly important.
Literature Review
The literature review is conducted in preliminary stages. It explores the work that has already been done regarding your work. You should collect all the scholarly sources and evaluate them critically. After drawing connections between them, you highlight a gap in the scholarly works. It is this gap that your research question seeks to address.
You should refrain from all personal biases while conducting the literature review. Sometimes students get confused regarding the complexities involved in the literature review. Therefore, it is wise to seek help from an expert essay writer. It lifts some burden off your shoulders.
In this section, you describe all the means and methods through which you conducted your research. There are various types of methods in qualitative and quantitative researches. For instance, there are surveys, experiments, or interviews. You can also mention the hurdles you faced during your research. Moreover, this portion also includes analysis and the mention of tools that you employed.
No number of biases should hinder the methodology of your research. Various efforts are going on to maximize objectivity in the research activities. Sometimes even you are not aware of your biases affecting the research. Therefore, it is suggested that you consult your supervisor or take some intellectual lessons.
In this part, you present the results that you obtained after all the hard work. Results should be objective and concrete. Some dissertations combine the results and discussion portions. Furthermore, you should relate and link your results to your research question. Any ambiguity in this section will jeopardize your entire thesis.
In this section, the results are subjected to your detailed interpretation. You establish the relevance and significance of the findings. Moreover, you should also mention the implications if there are any. It is also advised that you pinpoint the limitations involved in your paper.
The conclusion should summarize the whole discussion without sounding repetitive. Here you conclude your discussion so that it would leave a lasting impact. After reading your conclusion, the reader should walk away with a sense of contentment. However, the conclusion should not include any additional or irrelevant details to write my essay online.
Reference List
The full reference list should be included as per the refereeing style that you are using.
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