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Posted By: David H.

Posted On: Jul 7, 2006
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Dodge 2500

I own a 2003 Dodge 2500 4x4 diesel truck, since the day I bought it (used) I have had transmission problems.

The problem is I stop for a minute at an ATM or the store and then jump in and drive off the transmission will hold 2nd gear until almost 3000 rpm! That is very high for a diesel engine, it's very close to the redline on the tach. You have no choice other than to give it more gas since it won't shift up or down until you step on it, then of course it slams into gear. IT did it a few times while driving too, it shifted hard and also downshifted erratically.

I had to replace one u-joint already and I think one more has to also be replaced but the dealership said it was fine. At least that was covered uner warranty.

This is a heavy duty truck! It's babied, I don't tow or haul anything I don't use this as a work truck I just wanted a 4x4 diesel as a personal vehicle.

I left the truck with the dealer for three days, and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They didn't even offer me a loaner vehicle for the three days they had it.

Needless to say I want to get rid of it but then I have the same problem as everyone else, how to I dump this vehicle? I don't want to take a huge loss on it but I don't want to dump it and its problems on someone else.

It's incredibly frustrating!

- David H., South-Eastern Canada

Posted By: Tim Clark

Posted On: Jul 2, 2006
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my minivan 2001 lx

This overpriced van started breaking the day we bought it,1st,air cond fuse,swaybars every 8000 miles,brakes every 20000 or less,and they never stop making a rubbing noise.clocksprings 3,fan switches,3,window motor,1,air divider,you know the way the 50,50 temp. can be controled,this piece of **** went out in the winter,thats one the extended warranty really helped.But 50 bucks a pop adds baby,now and every since i was rope a doped at the dealer for 3 hours with my family.This ****ing payment is not any cheaper and every time i pull kellys bluebook the piece of **** has lost more value than the 563.00 a month can try to cover.If a car dealer cannot give a value that the people,us,the sorry saps making all the payments,can have some kind of value,not a sink hole.....If they cannot build a car at D.C. that can be worth more than a old used piece of ****,when those golden 6 years of payments are done,they should have went out of buss. all those years ago....thanks alot Lee Iacoca,not sure about that spelling,you ****ing smart, about a loan to pay of this ****ing minivan....still owe 11000.00 ,and just so none of you need to look it up,came in at 4700.00 trade in value..thanks crysler for all your worthless hunks of **** on the road,,and all the poor ****s like me trying to pay you fuks off....almost forgot to mention,,,this is the only crysler i have ever owned,and last....sorry about the rage,i feel better now.....

Posted By: ANDREW

Posted On: Jun 27, 2006
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Posted By: Doug

Posted On: Jun 27, 2006
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I have owned a 2004 jeep grand cherokee and it was a complete piece of crap. In two years time I have replaced the brake rotors and calipers over 7 TIMES!!! I literaly replaced them and then exacly 1 week later I noticed a grinding sound again and it got me so ****ed off. To go with all that money spent on my brakes i have also replaced the power stering pump over 4 times!......

I was driving one day and my brakes just started completely screwing up (grinding,squeling) so i got out of my car and smelt something burning, so i grabed a water bottle and pour a little water on the rotor and the WHOLE ROTOR WENT UP IN SMOKE. I couldnt belive how much smoke there was.


Posted By: Doug

Posted On: Jun 22, 2006
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1999 300m

I've owned my 300m for a little over a year and the only problem I've had was the window regulator was replaced under warrenty..took 2 trips for a simple fix, but it was fixed with no major problems. Also, I'm a victim of this problem as well, as well as many others, the "drift" worse than my previous 1994 Firebird or 1995 Beretta or 1989 Grand AM. Overall, I think my 1999 300m is the BEST car I've ever owned.

Posted By: FormerChryslerOwner

Posted On: Jun 3, 2006
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Never again

I don't currently own a Chrysler product, and I will never buy another one. I owned a 1988 Dodge Caravan. Bought it with 13,000 miles on it. Put 3 fuel pumps in it, the engine leaked oil like a 53 chevy, and both front doors practically fell off because the door welds broke at about 70,000 miles. I figure 70,000 miles is about the absolute max anyone should ever try to keep a Chrysler product. The next car I bought was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a 1993; a used limited model with all the options. It was a piece of junk from the start. Every week my wife would call me from some parking lot with a story like "the jeep won't start" or "the heater fan won't shut off", and also the door welds broke just like the Caravan's. Took it to the dealer to complain about the door welds breaking on a $30000 car, and the dealer wasn't surprised. Said it was "normal wear and tear." At about 70,000 miles, again.

Chrysler builds cheap junk cars, and nobody should think they are getting a good deal on a Chrysler. Ever. I own 3 Toyotas now, and I don't have problems with them.

Posted By: caravaner95

Posted On: Apr 29, 2006
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Dealer "mechanics" are idiots

I took my 95 Caravan to the Dodge Dealer in Glendale Calif. for blowing dash light fuses. 1st they return car to me saying nothing is wrong. 2nd visit, same "mechanic" says NO electrical diagnostic work can go forward until car is restored to a factory stock (12 year old) stereo (with rectangular cassette tape player). Perhaps I should also install a Unicorn in the glovebox? No response to my written corporate level complaint. My advice: get a cheap Haynes repair manual, it has electrical diagrams. Fixed the problem myself. Dealer "electrician" wouldn't even read a diagram.

Posted By: chrysler divorcee

Posted On: Mar 16, 2006
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05 t&c van

My wife and I leased a 2005 t&c van two years ago,it only has 16000 miles on it. So far we have had bad tierod ends and bushings,the air conditioner crapped out on us last summer,we get a glorious high pitch squeel when you turn the van left(dealer can not duplicate)dash lights dim and brighten as they please at night,gauges go nuts as well,power sliding door opens buy itself a handfull of times luckily at a stand still w/o my two year old in it and now the kicker,I had to spend 250.00 to get front brakes put on then come to find out from the tech the brakes needed to be replaced because the slide was frozen on one of them,not because the van is abused.Chrysler will not stand behind this at all.I just divorced myself from my problem child neon for a grand prix last week and love it.When my wifes lease is up theres a better chance we will buy a yugo before we buy another chrysler.

Posted By: Peter

Posted On: Sep 20, 2005
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Dodge intrepid Rack and Pinion

I have had to replace the rack and pinion on my intrepid twice in three years and I am not alone from what I see on the National Highway traffic safety administration website if you have had problems with a dodge submit complaints to them.

Posted By: My son is Alive

Posted On: Sep 3, 2005
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Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 2003

My 27-yr. old son had an incident with his Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 2003 4 x 4 Hemi Truck. It happened Sat. morning, Aug. 27th around 2:30 am as he was driving with the cruise control on. He was going 70 mph in the So. bound Lane of I-79 near Exit 110 (Lost Creek, West Virginia).

His axle broke on the right rear of the truck causing the whole wheel base with brakes to completely come loose. It spun him out of control and he immediately headed for and crossed the median which took him into the oncoming traffic in the No. Bound lane. Still spinning with vehicles narrowly missing him, the wheel flew off and went up into the air. He finally got the truck stopped as it was now rotating on three wheels and the broken axle.

Today, Sat., Sept. 3rd he found his tire high up on a cliff in the No. Bound Lane of I-79. We have incurred towing charges and undergone much duress as a result of the incident.....the facts of which I cannot disclose. We are thankful to God that our son escaped this brush with death without a scratch or bruise. He didn't fare quite as well today retrieving the lost wheel. He slid and fell coming down the cliff attempting to keep his wheel from rolling out into the oncoming traffic and has severely bruised his leg. All in all though for this harrowing experience, he has come out well and Alive. We have taken pictures of everything.

The local Chrysler garage was extremely prompt in coming to pick up the truck to haul it in for inspection and repair. We are beginning to think that they owe us more than a road worthy vehicle due to the very close call with death that my son had driving their product.

Posted By: Glad to be alive

Posted On: Aug 19, 2005
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Deadly Pacifica

The stories you have posted are walks in the park when compared to our family's experience. In late 2003, we purchased a 2004 Pacifica and immediately began experiencing big problems, some of them potentially deadly. Over the next year, we had 8 incidents of complete disabling of the "vehicle," four of them requiring towing. Many of the incidents were potentially life-threatening: complete failure of the brakes when approaching a rail crossing and traffic backed up on the two-lane road leading up to it (it was a miracle that we avoided an accident); failure of the clutch in heavy traffic on an 8-lane inner city highway; complete loss of transmission fluid on a highway on the third day of ownership; the blowout of a gasket resulting in the car being filled with deadly exhaust fumes; near loss of engine onto driveway due to missing mounting bolts (this due to a dealer "repair"). Such critical failures occurred in several locations in three different states. Of the staffs at the five dealers we had to deal with for towing/repair, only one was civil to us. The others were rude, often blaming us for factory defects, and uniformly unconcerned with regard to the safety of our family. (Our children were in the car for several incidents, including the brake failure. They remained terrified of the car.) I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Never buy a Chrysler. Your life is at stake.

Posted By: Saddened Mother in a Minivan

Posted On: Jul 18, 2005
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Bad Chysler Service

I'm truly amazed that there are so many unknowledgeable "service technicians" at Chryslers in the Atlanta area. I'm surprised at their lack of concern for their customers and their poor judgement in customer relations. I brought my van in to repair an air conditioning problem and they gave it back with 4 new problems including occassionally the engine shutting down. They don't think this is their problem and want to charge us more money to fix THEIR mistakes. I now official hate Chrysler's service department and will tell everyone I know not to ever buy from them because their service staff are idiots!!

Posted By: rkietche

Posted On: Jul 15, 2005
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2005 Chrysler Crossfire

Don't Buy/Lease a Crossfire.
Never Buy/Lease from Eddie Acardi.
I leased a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire in October of 2004.
I distinctly and repeatedly asked about the auto and it's track record as I explained that I was not in the market for a "shop car" and was repeatedly assured that the auto rarely required any service other than a standard oil change.
The auto has been in the shop 7 (seven) times with less than 4500 miles in the approx. 8 months I have had it. In addition, I have made numerous phone calls to Chrysler and Eddie Acardi to complain about the numerous problems, hours of my time to rectify and complain.

Visit 1:
Convertible roof operation intermittent
Eddie Acardi Solution:
Adjustment made, works now (car in shop 2 days)
Visit 2:
Convertible roof operation intermittent
Eddie Acardi Solution:
Adjustment made, works now
Visit 3:
Convertible roof operation intermittent
Eddie Acardi Solution:
Turns out they had just found out that the owner's manual and instructions given to me at time of lease incorrect, the car must always be started to operate convertible top, not just turning the key
Call 1 to Chrysler corporation:
Complain about the Dealership, in addition to giving me the wrong owner's manual, they were not fixing the problem, very rude man, asked his name, he refused, asked for his manager, he refused and hung up on me.
Call 2 to Chrysler corporation:
Had not yet received my paperwork for payments, was leaving for vacation and this worried me. They had no record.
Call 3 to Chrysler corporation:
Same as Call 2
Call 4 to Chrysler corporation:
Received paperwork finally but they were now showing a late payment due AND the next payment would have to be paid within 2 days or there would be ANOTHER late payment. Waived 1st late payment but had to pay ~$15.00 to pay over the phone immediately.
Call 5 to Chrysler corporation:
The paperwork was not here for the next month's payment (this was beginning to look like a scam they had going to collect late payments). Finally spoke with a manager who assured me even if the paperwork arrived very close to the payment date I would not be charged, the processing was not quick but they didn't play the late charge game.
Visit 4:
Oil Change (ok, you say, that’s normal, agreed)
Visit 5:
Oil Lite in the form of an oil can and the word Hi come on. Lucky for me they had actually been trained this time and that meant they had to make a setting on the computer to tell the computer that it had an oil change.
Visit 6:
The release button for the convertible top handle breaks and after no return calls back (5 to be exact), husband takes auto to dealership, after 30 minutes they take the car, tell him to return in 5 hours. After 3 hours they inform him that they don’t have the part. They will call back when they have it.
Call 6 to Chrysler corporation:
Formal complaints filed (I have reference numbers) against Chrysler and Eddie Acardi and with the exception of a call to the Dealership no action to be taken. I ask for Joanne’s (her reference number is #720) manager, she has none, she’s it. I ask her what they are going to do about this car, what do I want them to do? Why, take it back I say, you have built a bad car, you don’t have the correct information in your owner’s manual, the technicians are not properly trained, the car has been to the shop 7 times (see visit 7 below) and the car is falling apart in our hands. She referred me to the pamphlet I was given at the time I leased the car. What pamphlet? The Lemon Law pamphlet. Ahhh I say, the 3 visits the dealership is just skating under costing me numerous visits, phonecalls etc.? That pamphlet? Yes, Goodbye.
Visit 7:
Take the car (there are a few other things to check including the emergency brake which I have asked to be properly adjusted 3 times and still isn’t right)

If you like spending what I estimate to be 20 hours and mileage to and fro the dealership, if you like a shop car, if you like rude people, if you like incompetence, if you like having to chase people down: Go to Eddie Acardi and lease or buy a Chrysler (their service area is quite busy, as they told me for their excuse for not returning my phone calls --- see Guy Regan the sales manager, he’s a GREAT guy!!)

Posted By: Bobbi Villa

Posted On: Jul 14, 2005
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2000 Dodge Intrepid

When I first bought this car it failed to start some time in the first year. I took it in and it took them three times to fix it. So I was thinkin I wasn't going back there. It has had several problems in spite of good maintenance, including bad inner tie rods , timing chain failure and now it has 69900approx miles and the engine is GONE.... I have talked to Daimler-C and they are completely unwilling to do anything. Anyone who has this "fabulous" piece of garbage 2.7L engine can email me. I have spoken with an attorney and a class action may be in the picture. By the way our 2000 dodge Ram quadcab truck, has had a new rear end at $2600.00 and is as we speak in the shop for a new transmission.
No more Daimler Chrysler for me. You are right their service is worse than the pits.

Posted By: Wolf

Posted On: Jul 13, 2005
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My 04 neon is ****

We baught an 04 Neon SXT in Oct 03..since about 6 months after purchase we have had engine noises and a jerk in the engine on occasion that they magicaly can't find any evidence of. The tech stood their with me and said ..yeah I hear that and no it's not normal but then tells chrysler he don't hear it. My gas mileage in the city has gone to hell and we have complained for a year or more about these problems and they just flat out act like were nuts and I am an auto technician. I will never buy another new american car again.. We allso own a 68 barracuda and a 66 chevy truck and they are more reliable than that damn neon. oh and for the person who has had the same thing fixed many times..your car qualifys under the lemon law and if you are still paying on it they have to buy it a lawyer or the attourney general. Good luck to all

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