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Posted By: sftreo

Posted On: Apr 28, 2005
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TREO 710

Make it happen and I'd buy it.

But one error. The 7290 DOES have backlighting for the keyboaard. It's the little round button on the lower right.
And the 7290 is far easier to type with.

But the 650 has a better screen and far more apps.

Posted By: Bob

Posted On: Apr 3, 2005
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One other feature

And while we are at it, how about building in a thumb drive capability (like the T5?) so we can get rid on one more piece of gadgetry most of us are forced to carry around.

Posted By: omnix

Posted On: Mar 7, 2005
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Future design

I agree that larger screen real estate and loosing the antenna would be better, however, I think the first thing P1 should look at is phone performance (volume, clarity, and bluetooth functionality). I don't know about everyone else, but I bought the 650 to be a phone first, and a PDA second (albeit a close second). However, the sound quality, is not as good as my wife's Moto V551. P1 should look at making the volume louder, and the volume controls more granular. Built-in MP3 and better midi (32 channel) support, as well as, easier ability to assign distinct ringtones to individual contacts, I think, are also needed. Make the thing sound good...

The storage issue is easy to address (128 Meg minimum, 1 GB recommended). Hey, RAM is cheap...

1+ Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi (802.11b or better), Graffiti mode for text entry, and a voice recorder would be ideal.

Add all of that, without sacrificing speed and stability (which could be improved as well), and don't let it get ugly like the Black Berry. It should sell well.

Posted By: Anonymous JBB

Posted On: Mar 5, 2005
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A possible future treo 950.

First, a true file system, a true memory and true parallelism of application. With that, it would be possible to use note while phoning or seeking for an adresse while using a GSP or map application without having to close all before.

Then, a true screen : why a square screen of 320x320 ? Its crap, 640x480 or 480x320 would be better. In fact, all computer screen are not square but rectangular. In hozitontal position to be able to read full line of mail of internet site.

Ok for the antena hidden and bigger keys.

Of course, autonomy for a week would be my minimum.

May be this would be OK for the Treo 950 if Palm OS already exist. PalmOS could know very well how to fight windows by listening their users but they never listen...

Posted By: Yaara

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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A slight tweak of design

How about squishy buttons, much like the ones found on T-mobile's sidekick, but smaller? Being a female with non-short nails, I find it difficult to push the currently small metal buttons.

Posted By: The Reptile

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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I'd only want a 'stretched' Treo for two reasons. One would be to have such an outrageous battery in it that it would seemingly last forever. The other would be for a larger hi res screen. In both cases, the device would have to be much thinner than it is now in order to compensate for the extra width.

Posted By: wayenberg

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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A real 3rd generation Treo

I would buy a device having the same mass differences there was between the 180 and the 600 in terms of features and performances.
Upgrading to 650 was a nonsense to me in that way.
Having larger RAM and a faster CPU was a minima, while the new OS was the logical next step (Garnet & Cobalt were launched at the same time didn't they?) for a new model.
The current form factor could be improved loosing the antenna and being thinner of course. Making it larger does not allow bigger screen size in your idea... which is good reflexion thought.

Posted By: Ritz

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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wouldnt have it another way

I absolutely love the current width on the keyboard that lets me operate it with one hand! Also, technology should help create "more value in smaller size" . Anyone can increase size and fit features in. And for those who really feel the need...please go get a wireless keyboard!

Posted By: Bubbler

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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Wider is wrong

Just because a blackberry is bigger than a treo is not a reason to make a treo WORSE by making it wider. Treos will be better when they are smaller, not bigger.

Posted By: GeorgeJ

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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Treo 650...700...

You are going the wrong way. The keyboard is not broken and does not need fixing. I for one do NOT want a bigger device. The 650 is the absolute max that I am willing to stuff in my pocket and I am not going "wear" it on my belt. It would be nice to lose the antena and a bit thinner would make me happy (and probably upgrade).

I would never buy a slider device. Problematic for cases and just another aspect to become loose or fail.

Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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One Hand?

One of the things I like about the narrow width of the keyboard is that I can type some things in with one hand. With a wider keyboard that wouldn't be the case.

Posted By: Rudy Chow

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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Stick to your guns, don't be mislead

Man, no offence intended but that design is ugly.

You initially said you believed the 650's keyboard to be superior to the Crackberry, but then changed your mind just because your friend stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the truth?! Man, he needs to wake up! Look at it subjectively and you can see that the 650's keyboard is (1) backlit, (2) smaller w/o sacrificing functionality.

Regarding point #2, my spouse owns a Tungsten C (keyboard is 90% identical to the BB) and I find that both offer the same usability in terms of size and hitting the right keys. The Treo's keyboard just looks unusable, but sure is not.

A larger keyboard will only alienate the mainstream consumer and is totally unecessary IMO.

Posted By: Robert

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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Why can't they put Grafitti writing on the Treo; either the 650 or any future model?

Posted By: Nick

Posted On: Mar 4, 2005
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Small Form Factor Preferable

I'd still buy the future(?) 710 if it was the only Treo to choose from at the time, however, I would tend to agree with the previous gentleman in that keeping the small form factor, high screen resolution and increased memory is paramount. Losing the antenna is a very attractive idea as well as it can be carried more comfortably and adds to the overall design 'appeal'. With the improved key design on the 650, increasing the Treo by 10%, for me, is not particularly important as I am more attracted to the small form factor. The keyboard should not be made any larger in my opinion as the purpose of having a keyboard on a smartphone is to make quick, short notes, appointments and the like. Technology is making advances like never before and there's no reason PalmOne cannot use this to their advantage to make the 650 an even better product. I love my Treo and I don't want to see it grow in size!!

Posted By: Afaebe

Posted On: Mar 3, 2005
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Can this be it?

I dont understand what's with stretching when device makers are moving away from brick to razor. Sure you read motorola's decision to 'razor' the mpx without compromising its functionality. Could still have 320 X 320 with megapixel camcorder, 4X zoom, wifi, UMTS, good battery life, 7levels processor, cobalt 6.0 (or 7.0)and memory-yes at least 7 X 18MB (not 7 X 4MB we have on 650)without a stretch. Because we want treo to feel,look and function like a phone, the form factor is also important.