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Posted By: Geno

Posted On: Jul 24, 2008
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Cheating in Baseball

Any eligible player for HoF consideration from the 1919 Black Sox didn't get in,so why should any player who is proven to be a cheater get elected.

Posted By: Mark

Posted On: Jul 13, 2007
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Steroids and the HOF

Baseball hall of fame displays the best of the best players it doesn't matter how they got their number only that they did and they should not be voted out because of their past when all had access to the same things...

Posted By: chris

Posted On: Dec 25, 2006
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Steroids and the HOF

I read the comments about steroids and HOF eligibility and believe that guys have been taking things to improve performance for years, before steroids, and owners knew it then and know it now. Owners were so concerned about the entertainment value of home runs they lowered the pitching mound and, in my humble opinion, turned a blind eye to steroid abuses. They wanted these guys to do superhuman things to sell tickets. That being said, I think the value of the non-steroid player cannot be measured against a system that encourages and rewards players for these types of behaviors. I remember when 40 homers made your career, now it makes you ordinary. If you used drugs, steroids, reds, purple monsters, or whatever, you should be denied entry to the HOF. Test positive and give up the opportunity to be in the HOF. Unfortunately, I think we would find the HOF can't compete with the massive amounts of cash available to players who produce.

Posted By: chetlemon

Posted On: Dec 13, 2006
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Cobb sharpened his spikes, amphetamines for everybody and who knows what that "Mad Hungarian" guy was on. These guys are self-fueled, fan fed egomaniacs. And that is the main purpose of the HOF fame, right? To highlight the careeres of the most successful egomaniacs and to give their methods permanence? Remember, it's just a game and the HOF is man-made. Take it as seriously as the NBA synthetic basketball, sit back and enjoy. And no, booze does not enhance physical performance. Ever.

Posted By: Smarty Pants

Posted On: Oct 30, 2006
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You're all taking this much too seriously. While I'm not in favor of steroids for the usual and familiar reasons, let's face it, MLB and the MLPA refused to admit they could even spell steroids let alone ban them.
So since McGwire and then Bonds surpassed the Babe by a boatload of blasts, performance enhancing drugs were never banned, prohibited, or for that matter discussed until a reporter snooped into McGwire locker, the records themselves are, for all practical purposes, "clean." If you watched Barry's, McGwire's, and Canseco's physiques expand and explode literally overnight, you knew they were "on something" unless you were in a coma. Clemens is also a logical candidate. Look at his physique against the Mets in the '86 series and what it looked like a couple of seasons later.
Have no fear:
MLB will clean this up as well as they cleaned up the chewing tobacco problems. (HA!)

Posted By: Bruce B

Posted On: Oct 27, 2006
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Let 'em in

It wasn't just batters who took steroids, as Jason Grimsley has indicated. What about all the players from the 60s and 70s who took greenies? Should they be disallowed? As mentioned, Babe Ruth did his share of drinking (as did Rabbit Maranville and Paul Waner, although I don't think Cobb did). Should they be removed? Since we're on the topic of banning people from the Hall, what about Rogers Hornsby? Here's a guy who used to send out the clubhouse boy to place bets for him DURING A GAME, and yet he's in the Hall and Pete Rose is banned. And how about rumors that Hornsby and Tris Speaker were members of the Ku Klux Klan? The hypocrisy on this topic is never-ending.

Posted By: Kitty

Posted On: Oct 12, 2006
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Alcohol = Steroids?

Comparing alcohol and steroids doesn't seem right. I'd think alcohol would degrade performance, rather than enhance it.

Posted By: tffrost

Posted On: Jul 26, 2006
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steroids and alcohol

How often where Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth drunk playing in the majors? Now if this question can honestly be analyzed, then you know why it is ridiculous even to be discussing this issue!!!

Posted By: Chris Smith

Posted On: Apr 13, 2006
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steroids in the hall of fame

No I dont think they should let steroids in the hall of fame

Posted By: Mark

Posted On: Nov 4, 2005
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steriods and the hall of fame

Listen, personally I believe that although some one may have taken steriods earlier in their life, they sould still be allowed. Take Mcgwire for example, when he took his steriods they were legal, and now they dont want to let him in, I think its quite stupid because he took them legally. So in some cases I think its ok.

Posted By: Dan

Posted On: Apr 12, 2005
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Lets go tigers