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Posted By: adam

Posted On: Sep 23, 2005
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freelance stuff

i have been here 9 months now and just now was the first time i checked out the freelance paragraph with all the links in it.

i loved the NPR stuff and im not sure why, but, i hope there is way more of that to come. i would rather have him do radio than toons. if it was internet radio, that is. Todd, that is something you should do, do broadcasts on your site.

its pretty cool that he gets to make toons for ABC that are shown like that, and the ATK was pretty good too

im sickened by kristin and nicole, why the fuck are they being posted. One has a bad case of man-face (the blonde), and the other has a horrible gap in her teeth that is hard to not look at and be disgusted by it. id rather watch a "romance-novel-turned-movie" with porn chicks as actors.

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Posted On: Sep 24, 2005
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RE: freelance stuff

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