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Posted By: Gazzud Flingtar

Posted On: Jun 22, 2012
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Cook Your Own Food ****tard's

He's the low down on restaurants. They are run by little momma's boys and daddy's girls. They have no sense of accountability or resposability. They ride the coat tails of hard working trusting individuals and treat them like ****. You wanna know why your service is slow and the food sucks. It's because they constantly **** over the staff by making them use spoiled food and berate them for using cleaning products properly. Wouldn't want to spend money when you can **** over your staff with tips held back because they used the right amount of cleaner. Then they pay them $3.35/hour, not even minimun wage. Then force the wait staff to pay out tips to everyone else. So the next time you **** over the staff with tips your are just ****ing yourself. Have fun eating your **** spoiled food that had bugs crawling on it cooked in a dirty kitchen while the owner rolls around naked in your salad counting your hard earned money while laughing his ass off at how easy it was to bribe the inspectors. **** you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!