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Posted By: Monkey_Bait

Posted On: Nov 29, 2005
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Prostitute Hand

I voted for the prostitute hand turkey, but it was a tie between that and the Jiiiiive turkey for me.

Posted By: Nick

Posted On: Nov 30, 2005
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RE: Prostitute Hand

I voted for the prostiturkay too. I though it was funny ! There are other good ones also. I really like the idea for "admiral rear" # 26

Posted By: Sunny

Posted On: Dec 3, 2005
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RE: Prostitute Hand

As "Amber" and "Sunny" are fairly regular on the TV Board, I was wondering if this isn't the work of a certain "Mif Gluggo" . . .

And nice artistry, but I voted for #3.

Posted By: Punk_Nothing

Posted On: Dec 3, 2005
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RE: Prostitute Hand

Oh, I didn't realize! When I made the turkey, the intention wasn't to parody or mock anyone from the board. I had just been talking about a friend I had in Junior High school named Amber, so the name was on my mind. Her and I used to joke that she'd either end up a stripper, or change her name (for the record, she did neither). As for Sunny, I just liked the name for a goose. Seemed cute and fluffy, but with the necessary pervertablility, besides, when I was younger I always wanted to change my name to Sunny, read into that what you will. :0)

Any how, thanks for the compliments on the turkey, it was a blast to make. :0D

Posted By: Sunny

Posted On: Dec 3, 2005
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RE: Prostitute Hand

ha! Ain't no thang. Wierd coincidence. But still, good job!