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Posted By: Zazou

Posted On: October 1st
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investment types

How much have fans "invested" in the PSBs already over their careers and/or lifetimes?

Investment can be a simple purchase - if you buy a CD, success motivates the production of more product hence the return on investment for fans is more great music and shows. This has been the story of PSB since 1986! However, the PSBs create music because they love it themselves, primarily.

What would fans be "investing" in at this stage of the PSB's career?

Posted By: Wayne

Posted On: October 1st
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RE: RE: investment types

To try to answer your question, Zazou (if I understand it correctly), the subject of this poll question is a purely financial investment that one wouldn't even have to be a "fan" to participate in. It would be pretty much just like investing in, say, Apple, IBM, or Exxon. You're essentially gambling on the success of the "business." If the business is successful and proves highly profitable, then the investors would (presumably) earn high dividends and/or be able to resell their stocks/bonds at a profit (depending on their preferred mode of investment). If, however, the business is not successful and either loses money or at least doesn't earn as much as expected, the the investors would (again presumably) not earn high dividends (or even any dividends at all) and/or not be able to resell at a profit. In short, does the investor believe that PSB music will prove very profitable in the years ahead?

One might be tempted to think, no, they're "past their prime," so to speak, and will never make much more money henceforth. But consider a few past situations. Around 1970, the Beach Boys were essentially considered "washed up," at least as major money-earners (though they were often still regarded positively from a critical perspective). But then they went through a "financial renaissance," first by relentless touring with a first-class stage show, which bolstered their reputation; then by a huge change in image that made them "hip" again; then with some of their songs used in a big hit movie, "American Graffiti"; and then finally with a wholly unexpected huge #1 album, "Endless Summer," a hits collection that reintroduced them to a whole new generation of fans. Over the course of four years, they went from financial washouts to HUGE money-makers again. And the Beach Boys' past catalog, which at one time was sold for well under a million dollars, was "revalued" at more than $20 million (over $35 million today). In other words, if one had bought theoretical "Beach Boys stock" at, say, $10 a share in 1970, they probably could have sold it in 1976 at over $200 a share and made themselves quite rich.

The same *could* happen for the Pet Shop Boys. It's by no means inconceivable. That's what this poll question boils down to.

Sorry for the verbose response. ;-) Thanks!


Posted By: Zazou

Posted On: October 4th
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RE: investment types

Thanks Wayne, kind of you to clarify this particular point.
I should have read the intro to the question first instead of diving straight in to answer!

I thought it curious to think of fans paying for PSB products as a kind of investor - the more you "invest" (buy) the better it gets (more output) with PSBs. That's why fans have always "invested" heavily in their product and still do so with the Catalogue set and Catalogue re-issues.

As for investing in future output or rise in value of PSB stock, it is a hard one to evaluate - do you invest through a love of the "company" or do you invest because it will make a sound investment?

Should Pet Shop Boys be part of the Bitcoin revolution and launch PetCoin? That might make a worthwhile investment (but value can rise as well as fall and you may not get back your initial investment!!!!)


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