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Posted By: Nicole Z

Posted On: Feb 3, 2004
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I just started cutting myself a few months ago after I found out that my friend wanted to comit sucide and she started cutting her self and so I told her for every cut that she has I will do the same to myself
and thats when I started nad now she has stopped but I haven't
and can't seem to stop
everyday I have to cut at least once
and if I'm having a bad day I cut A Lot on my arms and legs
and sometimes it gets scary cuz I want to see more Blood and sometime I get a little carried away
so even though I haven't been doing it that long I'd say its Addicative

Posted By: Glimt

Posted On: Dec 29, 2003
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Addictive or not

Physically selfharm isn't addicting, but physically it definitely is. It turns into a habbit, something you need to get through the day, just as any other thing as sleep, food, need to go to the toilet. You have no reason to get "addicted", but you do. And turning yourself away is hard. You can even end up cutting, even though you feel happy, just because it's a part of your ritual for every day. But instead of taking the pain away, it just creates more. And for every time you self harm, you make it worse. You change the ritual. Like .. I want more blood this time, I want more pain .. I'm only 15, and I've only done it for like 2 years, but I know, what I'm talking about.

Posted By: lydia

Posted On: Jul 18, 2003
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I wish the question had been, "is YOUR self-mutiliating behavior addictive?" That's the only question I can answer and the answer is yes.

Posted By: Mazza

Posted On: May 16, 2003
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Is sooo addictive. I started when I was in my early teens (around about when I was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes) it went on for years. One night my folks called the doctor out(we lived on a farm and it was a long way to come). I screamed at him to go away, so he just went away, just like that , and nothing more was ever said - to ME anyway. No one ever tried to help me and I didn't even know it was a recognised condition until about three years ago in a counselling session relating to something completely different. I stopped for a few years, and I have to admit I didn't even think about it that much. But I have had a bad spell recently and the first time I cut again it was like breathing out the hugest breath. It got a bit out of controll but now I am fighting it again. It is ALWAYS on my mind. M-J (age32)

Posted By: tabbycatuk

Posted On: Nov 27, 2002
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I dont think the question is if it is addictive because it clearly is, however the reasons behind this are what need to be looked at. Psychological reseach into basic learning in perticular conditioning, both clasical and operanat, could give us some suggestions as well as methods of control possibly (if people ever want them). Another point is if the addication is psychological, phyisiological or both. I would susspect both, although initially psychological as it gives as sense of control over something when there is none this is likly to be reinforced though the release of neuro-chemicals that then become attributed to the cutting so that rather than the control beign athe drive for the cuttign its the associated feeling of eurphoria. Thats just a general idea of my head anyway, but there is also the question of personality traits and if there are trends. I dont know but I suspect that there could be a link between people prone to addictive behavours and sefl abuse, but also think its more likly to be ralationship due to a third party than direct cause and effect. any one with ideas feel free to contact me.

Posted By: munchee

Posted On: Oct 17, 2002
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let me guess...

let me guess....those ten people so far who said it's definately not addictive have never self-harmed.

Posted By: Erin

Posted On: Sep 5, 2002
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self harm

self harm is like cigarettes. even if you are so lucky as to be able to quit... the urges to do it never go away...

Posted By: Fallen through

Posted On: Jul 31, 2002
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Addiction To Pain

I tried incredibly hard not to cut myself the first time I felt the urge badly becaus I knew I wouldn't be able tos top. And I was right. I can't cope in any other way than to scratch, bite or cut myself. I've started being afraid to feel anything. Email me if you feel the same.

Posted By: Megs

Posted On: Jul 7, 2002
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Addictive, yes.

I have been si'ing for over six years now. I can't stop. I almost made it a year, but three days before it would have hit that point, I lost it and I broke my attempt to stop. Since then I haven't thought twice about stopping.. I don't want to. It is the only thing that keeps me pushing on, those dark nights. Sometimes I am so miserable at night, I have to si to sleep. Its a need for me. Its like my alcohol. (i don't drink.. sadly.)

Posted By: Jen

Posted On: Jul 6, 2002
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self harm is so addictive

I think most people on this site are on this site because they want to stop and they just cant surely this proves it is addictive like drugs drink and eating disorders.

i know i cant stop! id like to here from anyone that can!!

Posted By: charlotte

Posted On: Jun 26, 2002
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it IS addictive

you know, ive been self harming for almost three years, and my family still dont know. The very first time i did it, it was one of the worst, about 15 cuts or more, and the only person who noticed was my P.E (sports) teacher. what does that say about everyone else round me? she is the only one who cares what i do, and she always makes time to just make me feel worth something, and i think i owe my life to her.

it is addictive, because dont you think id stop if i could? its ruined all my friendships, everyone tip-toes around me in case they set me off, and that really doesnt help.
who else feels worthless? stupid? self- concious?
if you cut, you know what i mean when i say it is just our way of coping, nothing sinister, just coping. theres people who go through the most horrible things you cant even imagine, and some stop talking, some cry, some are too scared to be in that situation again, and some cut.
i never knew there were so many of us, and i feel a bit better just knowing theres other people who do this. if youre thinking about starting, please think carefully before you take that first step, because there really is no going back.
those of us who are already doing it, guys, we need help. i have been putting off going to a councellor for three years, but recently, i nearly hit an artery and i know now i have a problem.

burning, that doesnt appeal to me because you dont get to see the blood, and also, you arent doing it directly, its the flame or hot thing, whereas you can feel it going in your skin with a blade, and you control how deep.

i think control is a big part of it, too. i know it is for me, i cant control the stuff going on round me, and happening to me, so i control this one little bit of my life. its my time, my thing, nobody else can touch me when im in that room with my blade.

one of the hardest things to do is admit you need help, and its even harder to give yourself permission to be helped.

im really sorry if anyone is offended, and im sorry for writing so much, if you want to , you can email me. id like to talk to another s/h-er, or anyone who wants to talk.

Posted By: sauderage

Posted On: Jun 22, 2002
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I have only started burning a few months ago. I definitly know of its additing power. I am a burner. There are allready over 40 blistering burns on my arm. I added 4 more today. They are ugly and some are scarring and some are blisters. I wrap them up when I go out in public. I know why I do it. It's due totally to the inability to cope with emotional pain. The pain comes from so deep, but when you are burning you can forget the emotional and concentrate on the physical and you are free for a while. The troubleis it only last for so long so you endure the pain again or your burn again. I am manic depressive and DID and I'm going through a very nasty divorce. I've been in therapy for almost 2 years. I hope I can stop soon, but when I feel the stress or the memories I want to burn

Posted By: Ryan

Posted On: Jun 3, 2002
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Cutting Addictive?

From my own experience I would say that cutting myself has become very addictive. I can't really explain it but when I feel depressed I feel as if I can't do anything else but cut. The physical pain has become easier to live with than the emotional. At one point I have had 17 cuts on one arm and 3 on a leg.
After the first kiss of blade the others become easier to do and not stop. If this doesn't explain to the uninformed that cutting is truly addictive than I don't know what ever would.

Posted By: éponine

Posted On: May 30, 2002
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cutting yourself is definitely addictive. one cut, sure, you can decide not to cut any more. but once you start cutting yourself more and more, its hard to say "hm, i dont think ill cut today." its more of a requirement, than a choice. maybe like a drug addiction? but it does get scary after a while…not being able to control this need to hurt yourself.

Posted By: Merissa

Posted On: May 9, 2002
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it is but no....

I feel that personally self harm is somewhat addictive. It (to me)is somewhat like a drug. It can be stopped but when you do it so much after a while u can't stop and it is to much for anyone to ask you to stop. It becomes a away of life. Thanks for just listening to my point of view.

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