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Posted By: jedacandy

Posted On: Feb 20, 2021
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There are different characters you can choose from

Run 3 faster than them in this thrilling endless running game. You play the role of a cosmonaut who crosses a time tunnel. There are different characters you can choose from. The game has brought a lot of challenges as well as brought a lot of fun for players. There are two main game modes: Explore mode and Infinite mode. There are also some other game features, such as the Shop and the Level Editor, while there are also thousands of other levels published by other players made with the Level Editor. Several characters can be unlocked by playing through Explore mode, as well as the winter and Halloween costumes. The Runner's galaxy map acts as a level hub for Explore mode, displaying all the tunnels and levels that can be explored. Have fun.

Posted By: never say never

Posted On: May 28, 2002
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meglio l'uovo o la gallina??????'

ma ve la siete mai fatta una brutta ma veramente brutta,e poi uno bello veramente bello..?
Io sì ed è per questo che rispondo..........con certezza........
meglio l'uomo......

Posted By: Simo

Posted On: Nov 11, 2001
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Hey veciuz! 19% di froci?? ossobuchi?? finocchi?? Pederasti?? Mozzo e marinaio?? Scilla e cariddi?? Standa e Upim?? Spic e Span??

Posted By: Victor

Posted On: Nov 2, 2001
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Sotto tortura per LUI

16% di finocchietti e' troppo!!


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