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How much of Hellsing have you seen? [2688 votes total]

The TV anime (725)
OVA I (590)
OVA II (461)
The manga (through volume 7) (538)
The manga (through latest chapter) (374)

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Posted By: Felina

Posted On: Mar 2, 2007
Views: 2587
See.. Um, most? ^_^;;

I haven't gotten my greedy lil paws on the 2nd OVA or manga volume 7, but I often like finding out spoilers, so I'm eager to read 7 and 8, especially for Pip and Alucard. (I've seen his final form, and I have drooled. ^.^)

Posted By: Erin the Integra Fangirl

Posted On: Nov 3, 2006
Views: 2686
Volume 9

Try Maximum7 (

Posted By: hagau

Posted On: Nov 2, 2006
Views: 2687

The first OVA still eludes my grasp. However, the second one was luckily found on the almighty YouTube. *alllll haiiillll*

I can't find scanlations of volume nine though. Which is really bothering me. Any links/pointers?

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