What's the best source for local news?
If you had to just pick one... [45 votes total]

The Sun (6)
The Examiner (9)
WJZ (4)
WMAR (0)
WBAL (tv) (9)
WBAL (radio) (3)
City Paper (13)
neighborhood newsletter (1)

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Posted By: lol

Posted On: Sep 26, 2006
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Prolly the Sun

I'd vote: Sun, Examiner, WBAL radio, WYPR radio, City Paper, Baltimorecrime Blog, WBAL-TV, WJZ-TV, FOX-TV, WMAR-TV.

I didn't count the Washington Post because it doesn't really have much Baltimore news, but if it's included in the poll, it vaults to No. 1 for quality.

Posted By: mj

Posted On: Sep 25, 2006
Views: 1633
oh well

No doubt the Post is a great paper. It doesn't cover much of any local Baltimore Crime issues though.
I should have put Fox on there too, I suppose, but too late now...

Posted By: q1

Posted On: Sep 25, 2006
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sun and city paper

Hard choice between the sun and city paper, but I like the in-depth articles and more progressive outlook of the city paper. Washington Post should also have been on there-- this is the baltimore-washington region after all.

The examiner's articles are too short and have a lot of mistakes. They also tend to be formulaic.

TV news? Are you kidding me?