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What is your role in the nightclub industry? [293 votes total]

Bouncer (182)
Door Host (18)
Security Mgr. (69)
Club Owner (7)
General Mgr. (4)
Other (13)

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Posted By: Nate

Posted On: Jun 18, 2010
Views: 1056
Club Owners

This is part of the problem. Club owners think that they know how to protect their liability when it comes to their security staff. Well this poll tells the truth. They do need to get more involved in what we do.

Posted By: Chris

Posted On: Apr 17, 2009
Views: 1334
General Managers

I am the first GM to vote on this poll. As I currently count as only 1% of all the votes(142 votes), I am still amazed that only a few GM that use this site. It is a great resource for both myself as well as my security staff. I know the focus is on Bouncer & Bouncing, but I would like to see more GM & Bar/Club owners use this site.