Wii purchase plans
When are you planning on buying a Wii? [27123 votes total]

At launch/as soon as possible (14666)
Sometime early next year (4787)
Sometime late next year (2613)
Eventually, but probably not until 2008 (2200)
Never (2857)

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Posted By: Mysterio

Posted On: Nov 16, 2006
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The Nintendo Wii

I played the Nintendo Wii at the Nintendo Fusion Tour and played a bunch of Wii games, including, The Legend of Zelda: TP, Wii Sports, Excite Truck, and a few others I can't remember at the moment.

The other games are awesome, but the one that caught my eye the most(obviously) was none other then The Legend of Zelda: TP. That game was so damn smooth using the Wiimote and Nunchucks. Everything was right on target, from swinging the sword, doing a backslash, to using the Bow and Arrow. Everything was accurate.

If you must get one game at launch, get Zelda: TP. Oh wait, sorry... that was actually a dumb question.

Because anyone with half a brain will get Zelda: TP at launch, no matter what.


Posted On: Nov 15, 2006
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In defense of the Wiimote

I've played Excite Truck myself, at Gamestop. Even I was a bit skeptical at first, but after spending about half an hour with it I decided that this is one of the greatest, most innovative controllers ever made.

Don't slam something until you've tried it yourself. For example, I have tried Ridge Racer 7, and can now slam it for being a port of Ridge Racer 6 with slightly updated graphics at some points.

Posted By: For The Wii!

Posted On: Nov 15, 2006
Views: 26801
I'm really impressed

Initially I had my reservations against a console that forgot all about tech specs and focused in a completely different direction.

But now that I have actually tested Wii, I'm sold! It's been long since gaming was this much fun. I feel young again!

Everyone should try it by themselves before dismissing it as just a gimmick.

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