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Should Finance & Audit Committee meetings be televised? [19 votes total]

Yes (15)
No (3)
Not sure (1)

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Posted By: Anonymous

Posted On: Jan 27, 2007
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To: Arfy

Thanks for explaining editing. I had no idea there was any to do.

It bothers me that there's no recording of any kind of these committee meetings, especially as you point out that Mr. Molony points out, "that's where the action is." Even the members have no way of veryifying what was said if a dispute ever arose. Actually, I believe one did between Molony and Schneider in the debate clip when Schneider told him, "You said you'd come back to council when..." and Molony said, "You're wrong." Rock bottom minimum, there should be audiotapes made - for themselves as well as members of the public who might want to hear for themselves.

Posted By: Arfy

Posted On: Jan 26, 2007
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When I say "edit" I'm simply referring to to process of preparing it for re-broadcast...slugging in the open and close and trimming the parts out before the meeting actually commences and after it has ended. I mention it simply because folks should be aware that it does require time and effort to put anything on the air. You're right, however, in saying that there should be no "editing" of actual content.
And you're also right that there should be a better system for making sure committee meetings are taped and aired. To the Treasurer's point in the "debate" on YouTube, committees are where the real action and serious discussion takes place. Sure...if you REALLY what to go to them you can find out when and where they happen. But committee chairs rarely are eager to have their proceedings viewed and hardly ever make any extraordinary effort to let the general public know when they're taking place. Worse, the cancellation of meetings really screws things up for those of us who try to keep-up.

Posted By: Anonymous

Posted On: Jan 25, 2007
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To: Arfy

I didn't think videotapes of public meetings were ever to be "edited." Very dangerous practice, don't you think, if NCT were to ever do that?

Also, why couldn't a new practice/procudure be considered wherein the Chairs of all council committees ask for their meetings to air, then NCT could post on Channel 4 in advance of the meetings which ones they are able to actually handle? Follow me? Make it an open and coordinated process. The only committee that schedules near-weekly meetings (but cancels many of them for lack of business to conduct that week) is Community Development. The rest don't meet that often.

Of course, I understand NCT can't and shouldn't
embark on taping all committee meetings independent of the committee chairs, but it seems to me something a whole lot better than what we've got could be worked out so the public be more in the know.

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