What is the greatest degree of crossover (i.e. involvement of non-Hellsing characters) that you would enjoy in the comic? [442 votes total]

None. Keep them out of Shine. (37)
Minor characters and background roles (e.g. the shopkeeper in Shopping Spree) (53)
Major figures in otherwise Hellsing-focused storylines (e.g. Madeline in Tu Seras Avec Moi) (92)
Full-fledged crossovers, so long as they're short (e.g. Those Meddling Kids) (76)
Full-fledged crossovers as extended storylines (e.g. Shine Or Die) (122)
I could enjoy a storyline focusing on entirely non-Hellsing characters that had been previously introduced (such as Madeline and Agent Paper) (42)
I don't know/I don't care (11)
Something else, which I will explain in a comment (9)

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