Best of Tampa Area Japanese Food
Which really serves the best Japanese? [91 votes total]

Arigato (15)
Ginza (2)
Hiro's (14)
Ichiban (6)
Jadefire (10)
Joto (6)
Kazu (11)
Kobe (8)
Tokyo (18)
Yama (1)

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Posted By: Susan Lamerton

Posted On: Oct 10, 2008
Views: 1673
Kazu's Sushi

Kazu's Sushi is the best and only authentic Japanese food in this area. Most of the other restaurants are run by other nationalities. They do know the language, culture or the cuisine. Kazu's is authentic Japanese. I met his family while in Okinawa, Japan. The Miyazato family are members of the Samuri family. I lived in Japan and Okinawa for over 12 years and when I walk into his restaurant...I have been transported back to Japan. The taste, the presentation and the atmosphere. All are "Subarashii". Every time we leave it has been a time to say "Gochisosama de****a, Kazusama!"
Susan and Walter Lamerton
Weichert, Realtors-All Professional

Posted By: Jerry

Posted On: Aug 23, 2008
Views: 1695
Tokyo vs Kazu New Port Richey

I seen the vote results and apparently the people going to Tokyo are blind and have no taste buds or just don't know sushi! I have been to both and Kazu is the real deal. Tokyo is the usual cook at the table food throwing show that some American made up years ago.
Plus I question the cleanliness of Tokyo. Kazu might be a small restaurant but I know its clean and the food is prepared infront of you. Kazu has standards and he lets it be known if you ask. Tokyo might be cheaper in price but you pay for quality at Kazu's.