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It's the best site ever. (64)
It's simply excellent. (40)
I think it's really cool. (34)
I like this website. (24)
I don't like the website. (34)

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Posted By: Rick Gilley

Posted On: Aug 18, 2010
Views: 1363
Your Website


Love your website! I didn't give you a "best website ever" in the pole, because I want you to do more. :)


Posted By: Leviathan

Posted On: Apr 6, 2010
Views: 1405
I Love It!

Great site you have here. Very neat and yet still stylish. Easy to navigate...KUDOS!

Posted By: RandomMovieGoer lol i need a new name

Posted On: Jul 8, 2008
Views: 1579
movie length

Your posted movies are very long, and maybe if you posted them in more parts they would load faster. They are also very good quality, but im still debating on how u get so many movies posted in a day... i looked at the times of when those movies were posted and you had (average) of about 5-6 movies per day! im not saying your bad or anything, i actually aplaud you for posting so many and for being so dedicated, but its just kind of wierd taht you have SO MANY videos up...botting maybe?

anyway, thanks for the vids even though they were so long and took forever to load.
great site.

Posted By: dark rayne

Posted On: Oct 12, 2007
Views: 1624
your web-site is WOW amazing

man I love your web-site. Its totally diferent from all other web-sites.and i definately like your rules on do's & dont's. Straight up and forward. awsome.

Posted By: Jess

Posted On: Jun 17, 2007
Views: 1630
nice site

Hey, nice site! So pink it makes me sick, lol.

Posted By: Javier

Posted On: Feb 16, 2007
Views: 1632

How can you not vote for the first answer? It's the best site ever!

Posted By: Elisa

Posted On: Feb 16, 2007
Views: 1378

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