Kadramahan Award
Who's the most "ma-dramang" housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2? [41 votes total]

A. Wendy and Gee-Ann heart-to-heart talk (2)
B. Wendy, on rift with Bea and Gee-Ann (19)
C. Bruce over Wendy's eviction (11)
D. Wendy over Bruce's departure for Slovenia (6)
E. Nel, after Maricris' forced eviction (0)
F. Dionne, crying alone by the water, while looking at bf's photo (0)
G. Saicy, while watching a close friend's VTR (1)
H. Gee-Ann, airing her sentiments over bf's radio interview (2)

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Posted By: ara

Posted On: Jun 25, 2007
Views: 1736

ma-drama sa acting

the 'Real' Best Actress in a Pretending Award goes to none other than the catholic school graduate, beauty queen Wendy

super Reflected yung background mo sa behavior at speeches at acting mo!

way to go!

Posted By: lava

Posted On: Jun 23, 2007
Views: 1762
madrama award

ang OA kya ni bruce.hahahahaha.sorry.