The originals
Favorite (semi-)original character from Shine? [728 votes total]

Marian (58)
Reseda (143)
Baalberith (55)
Madeline (Shine version) (138)
Timothy (181)
Someone else (6)
I like two or more about the same (43)
I like all of them (35)
I don't care for any of them (69)

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Posted By: Erin the Integra Fangirl

Posted On: Jan 22, 2008
Views: 3679
Relative popularity

Timothy's popularity has shot up since the start of the current storyline. He was way behind Madeline and Reseda before.

So I expect that if I did another storyline from Hell, and then re-ran this poll, Baalberith's numbers would jump too =)

Posted By: dchan

Posted On: Nov 28, 2007
Views: 4532
No love for Baal-chan?


Posted By: Becca-Chan

Posted On: Nov 26, 2007
Views: 4544

:3 What isn't there to love about a Naiive Catholic boy? XDDDD Of course with Heinkel helping him train, he isn't going to be very Naiive for long.... :3

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