Feminism is... [17497 votes total]

Women being as good as men (10723)
Women being better than men (1627)
Women being as bad as men (919)
Women being worse than men (534)
Something else entirely. If I have time I'm going to tell you what I think on the messageboard (3694)

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Posted By: Anna Gerarda

Posted On: Jun 18, 2009
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Nothing new about that - in one way or another it has been expressed through Scriptures,History Literature,Politics,Family,etc for millennia.
Rarely as proclaimed protagonists (though recognised through their action behind the scenes,often underhand).
The ideal that world ruled by women would be more just,peaceful,etc.? Bull!!!
Just take a look at women and their "peaceful and just leadership" in the 20th century.
Golda Meir,(proclaimed to be a terrorist by the British when their influence over Palestina was lost to North Americans),Indira Gandhi,Bandaranaike(unless I am wrong,the militancy of Tamil Tigers started during her second term),a woman leader in Bangladesh(if I remember correctly),Benazir Bhutto,Margareth Thatcher.I may have forgotten some name,I am after all talking about what I read in newspapers from my childhood onwards.All these women leaders have been involved in external and/or internal wars,accused of corruption and the only "untouchable" remains "Lady" Maggie.Her son Mark, accused of arms-smuggling,embezzlement
and "various" for 90 billion pounds has not (as far as I know)only avoided successfully to face justice,but has been awarded the title of "sir". It just shows us what a title means today.And the only reason that he was able to do what he (too allegedly) did and not payed the consequences was because "mummy" was PM.How can we even pretend to imagine that we can teach anyone anything about "democracy,correctness..." or anything else.Integrity,Honesty,Sincerity,
Correctness HAVE NO GENDER.Just as greed,avidity,
hunger-for-power,total absence of sense of morality and ethics,aggression, HAVE NO GENDER.
A briefly publicised (ONE DAY) visit by Mrs.Blair,while Mr Blair was PM,to a charity fund-raising evening for a childrens' oncological wing in a Perth hospital,raised 150.000$. Mrs.Blair "was paid" (for clothes,hairderesser,make-up,etc.,according to her) 135.000$.The hospital RECEIVED 15.000 $ (FIFTEEN THOUSAND,YES!).She certainly is cheap,if that's the price of her reputation.And now,you all seem Oh so! shocked by the MP's expense accounts.I wasn't even surprised-it's nothing new.It just hasn't been exposed before.
Read,or re-read "Barnaby Rudge" by Dickens the Great.(Yes, I know it's one of the lesser known and least read among his works - and it's easy to see why!).
For me,a born believer in equality,that is:equal opportunity regardless of race,religion,gender,and equal reward for equal merit.Being a Woman,I feel keenly any discrimination committed on these sole grounds.But I do not isolate it from INJUSTICE committed on any other vulnerable group.(Not vulnerable as individuals,but victims of atavic and primitive prejudices and ignorance,solved by "brute force".

Posted By: Alice

Posted On: Jun 18, 2009
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Feminism & Feminists

To me, feminism should be women being equal to men. But those who label themselves feminists (to the best of my experience) generally act like women are way better than men and that the whole male sex is just stupid and useless.

Posted By: Clare

Posted On: Jun 6, 2009
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Feminism is saying 'you can't tell how bad or good I am just by noticing whether I'm a man or a woman'. Sexism is lazy. Feminists make an effort to base their judgements on merit.

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