Uncool Santa
What would make Santa most uncool? [622 votes total]

Instead of coming down chimney he smashes through front window like SWAT guy (19)
He takes the tree and throws it out on your lawn then sets it on fire (6)
Instead of riding a sleigh he drives a flying Ford Pinto with no muffler and does donuts on your roof (35)
He only delivers gifts he stole from your neighbors lawn including shrubs and crap (16)
Instead of drinking milk and eating cookies-- he leaves an upper decker in your toilet tank (69)
He breaks your stove and and steals all your tools (14)
Your present is an egg fart on your head as you sleep. (81)
Instead of Santa suit he wears a one piece tight leather outfit and tracks mud all over the house (17)
He lets the reindeer in the house and blows an airhorn at them (19)
He leaves a basket of dead squirrels under the tree (36)
He stands on your lawn and broadcasts your secrets with a blow horn (42)
He urinates on the tree and sets your couch on fire (48)
He gets in your bed soaking wet and tells you how much he likes to luxuriate (36)
He cooks delicious food in your house and then throws it in the toilet (3)
None of the above! Don't mess with Santa! (76)
This poll sucks mistletoe turd. (105)

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