Boobie Battle
Who wins? [2936 votes total]

Gemma Atkinson (1949)
Rhian Sugden (987)

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Posted By: Gemma is horrible

Posted On: Feb 15, 2008
Views: 2398
Rhian is hot

I'd wank over Rhian anyday!!! Gemma is just so common!

Posted By: Jere

Posted On: Feb 2, 2008
Views: 2787

If Gemma wins this (as it seems) then there is certainly something wrong with the world. Before I saw the votes I was almost sure that humans had some sort of thinking apparatus and would vote for the gorgeous Rhian. But I was wrong.

A good looking as she is, a woman with fake boobs could never come before a woman with natural boobs in my book.

4 letters sum it up... F-A-K-E
...that being said I'd still do her :)

Posted By: Los

Posted On: Feb 1, 2008
Views: 3048

Curious how 90% of the comments are for Rhian yet she is being demolished. Somethings not right. That many people can't be retarded.

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