The Regular Ulcerative Colitis Poll One Person Voted Against, No.4
Does diet affect your UC? [60 votes total]

Definitely not (2)
Haven't really noticed (10)
Maybe a bit (18)
Definitely (28)
Burp (2)

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Posted By: Tânia

Posted On: Apr 20, 2008
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If I think diet makes my disease worse? I don't believe so. But it definitely affects my UC when it makes my symptoms worse. If I am feeling fine, I can eat anything I want with no problems, but if my UC is flaring up I really have to be very strict on what I eat otherwise the pain will be unbearable

Posted By: Soraya

Posted On: Apr 18, 2008
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Bad foods

The only thing I can't have at all is coffee (nooo) but other than that i don't think anything CAUSES my symptoms. When I am sick there are definitely things that make it worse- dairy, red meat, vegies (the v. high fibre ones) and fatty foods.

Posted By: vivi

Posted On: Apr 17, 2008
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`on a flare` so...
* current works of the devil~ wheat biscuit/ bran cereals, grapefruit, wheaten bread *sob*, cream cheese, cafe latte/mocha et. *no decaf/ non dairy creamers in my country*, overloading on chocolate/ cake (few squares or a small slice of plainer cakes seem to be ok; good bye tiramasu), sweetcorn
* keeping an eye on~ some white bread and `pre-packaged bakery goods (omega 6 overload) and hummous, cucumber or lettuce or tomatoes(not sure which as yet)...
* `friendly foods~ strawberries, apples, bananas, white rice, white bread (not crusty), soups, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes (in moderation to avoid gas), pro-biotic yoghurt, frozen yoghurt *delicious and non fat!!), soy based products...
p.s flax seed oil tablets or fish oil tablets (omega 3 rich) are essential to balance with omega 6 and are a source of fibre

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