Concerning the baptized
Who do you celebrate the Rite of Welcoming with? [92 votes total]

All baptized candidates (59)
Only uncatechized baptized candidates (20)
Only uncatechized, baptized, Catholic candidates (4)
We do not celebrate the Rite of Welcome (9)

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Posted By: Pat

Posted On: Oct 1, 2008
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Rite of Welcoming

Actually we do a combined rite for the unbaptized and baptized. Our groups are small and if we separated them there might only be one or two. Besides the community that is built within the group makes it hard to do things separate.

Posted By: C.S.

Posted On: Sep 4, 2008
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Concerning the Baptized

In our highly Christian rural small parish area, in five years we have had only baptized candidates, most with very little catechesis. We always celebrate the Rite of Welcoming with these candidates. In our breaking open the rite we have never had anyone for which it was not a valuable experience. The candidates stated that they came to feel a deep welcome from the assembly and a inclusion into the Catholic Community. However, I also see a great benefit for the assembly. They are beginning to see their part in initiation and understanding RCIA better. Celebration of the various RCIA rites is beginning to make an impact on our cluster of parishes.

Posted By: Andrew Casad

Posted On: Aug 22, 2008
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Rite of Welcoming

I really wanted an "other" category for this question: I invite those who preparing for reception or completion of their initiation (that is, baptized non-Catholics and baptized Catholics), whether catechized or uncatechized, to decide for themselves whether they would like to celebrate the Rite of Welcoming. Invariably, the folks who are new to the community--ranging from baptized uncatechized Catholics to baptized catechized "converts"--want to be publicly recognized and welcomed. Most often, however, those who have been part of the assembly for some time, say, coming to Mass for twenty years with their Catholic spouse, decide not to celebrate the Rite of Welcoming. Regardless of that pattern, I still let each person choose. Celebrating the Rite of Welcoming, however, does not automatically set one on a particular "track" to reception or completion of initiation. Discernment is ongoing both before and after the Rite of Welcoming.