In the September issue of Paste, we highlight some of our favorite high-school principals in movies. Which is your favorite? [1682 votes total]

Edward R. Rooney (Ferris Bueller's Day Off) (208)
Richard Vernon (The Breakfast Club) (77)
Dr. Nelson Guggenheim (Rushmore) (77)
Mr. Strickland (Back to the Future) (1265)
Principal Togar (Rock 'n' Roll High School) (8)
Principal McGee (Grease) (23)
Principal Gold (She's the Man) (14)
Other (10)

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Posted By: DS48

Posted On: Aug 31, 2008
Views: 1709
Saved by the Bell?

How is Bayside High's Mr. Belding not included here?

Posted By: gfrey girl

Posted On: Aug 27, 2008
Views: 1763

on a serious note how about Robert Downey,Jr. in Charlie Bartlett

Posted By: the Curl

Posted On: Aug 27, 2008
Views: 1646
vice principal

Edward R. Rooney was actually the vice principal. But I voted for him anyway.

"Your ass is mine, Beuller!"