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Band reunions have been all the rage of late - can you spell NKOTB? - and things may hit critical mass (Phish, et al) in 2009. We say feh! Reunions suck, dude! Which of these rumored reunions would you want to personally beg the members NOT to mount? [101 votes total]

Pavement (3)
Led Zeppelin w/new frontman (39)
The Kinks (4)
My Bloody Valentine (whoops! too late!) (0)
Blink-182 (6)
The Smiths (3)
Sublime w/new frontman (12)
Faith No More (2)
Klaatu (3)
Creed w/ANY frontman (29)

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Posted By: Matt

Posted On: Dec 3, 2008
Views: 2298

Those are bands are dead, why would they have stopped touring years ago...

Posted By: Tommy the Punk

Posted On: Dec 3, 2008
Views: 2246
Let lsleeping bands lie

those bands ain't dead, they're just sleeping! klaatu barada nikto, dude!

Posted By: Bo

Posted On: Dec 2, 2008
Views: 2145
Faces, Specials

Just read the news about the Faces and Specials reunions that are "on" for next year. I can't think of an earthly reason why I would want to go see bands that have been dead for more than two decades....

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