Favourite Season?
Overall, which would you say is your favourite season of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS? (You can vote for more than 1 if you like.) [3252 votes total]

Season 1 (437)
Season 2 (475)
Season 3 (683)
Season 4 (490)
Season 5 (497)
Season 6 (670)

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Posted By: Belinda Gutierrez

Posted On: Feb 10, 2014
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How better to teach my 9yr old granddaughter (Evalee) 'the greater good' that we must follow in life to prosper here on Earth and afterwards than the journey we, fans of Xena: Warrior Princess, were able to experience. PHENOMENAL!! At Evalee's tender age, I am so proud that she understood why Xena could not return to the living world. She wept, but stated "Mimo, Xena saved 40,000. She's AWESOME! Betcha GOD's happy." I LOVED THE LAST EPISODE!!!!

P.S. She now insists we call her EVE.

Posted By: Laura Moses

Posted On: Nov 8, 2013
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Xena Season fav

I loved all seasons, except for the last episode of the series really ****ed me off when they kept Xena dead. Season 4 was great because it showed more of the loving relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. Although in season 6 when Xena gets Gabrielle the Sappho poem for her birthday was a truly romantic notion that practically outs them as a couple. I love the epsiodes where their true feelings are shown or are let slip.

Posted By: Vinnie

Posted On: Apr 15, 2013
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Fravourite Season

Love Season 5 for its "Twilight of the Gods" arc. There should have been more episodes dealing with this, get rid of Punchlines, Life Blood and Kindred Spirits and we could have had an awesome twilight of the gods trilogy.

Love Season 4 for the "Spiritual Journey" arc standouts include Adventures in the sin Trade 1&2, A Good Day, Between the lines, Endgame and Ides of March. A family Affair could have been done better, Hope/Dahak and the destroyers parts are really played down considering they were The ultimate evil heavily enforced in the third season.

Love Season 3 for the "Dahak/ Rift" Arc needed more Hope and Dahak, like in Hercules season 5 i believe Dahak was a constant threat for almost every episode in the first half of season 5.

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