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Posted By: AT

Posted On: Jan 6, 2009
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doesn't matter who reports "better" mrdr is mrdr

Justin's reporting is more even, more fact filled, more theoretically sound. It covers the good and the bad and explains from BOTH perspectives (hell it even includes Norris' "toast" to going under 300 murders). Oh course maybe more people voted for the other reporter... I mean all that TEXT means you actually have to READ! Oh, and all those BIG words.

But let's face it, it matters little who reported it better when Baltimore has more murders than say, um, all of CANADA... Hell, Toronto - 3.0+ MILLION people - had *70* murders last year ( ) compared to Baltimore's ~234. Baltimoreans need to be FAR more ashamed of their city than Bealefeld seems to realize and it's not about getting an "apathetic populace" going again as Justin suggests.

Oh, and stop getting the opinions of how to stop criminals from criminals... INDICTED folk like Norris hardly send the right message about how to stop crime - . Stop looking up to the criminals in your city and turn to people to make change happen by the rule of law - it's a good place to start doncha think?