Which psychological issue(s) do you struggle with the most? [604 votes total]

Anger over a losing trade (35)
Trading too much (49)
Trading the wrong size (27)
PMSing end-of-day (16)
Using money you can't afford to lose (18)
Wishing, hoping, praying (30)
Getting high after a huge win (34)
Adding to a losing position (32)
Compulsive trading (32)
Afraid of "pulling the trigger" (73)
Over-thinking/second guessing (72)
Limiting profit/getting out too early (82)
Fear of being stopped out (32)
Not following your system (37)
Following other traders (indiscriminately) (35)

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Posted By: TOC

Posted On: Mar 15, 2009
Views: 2077
Missing choice

I would say that my biggest trading challenge is entering too soon. Having the correct idea, but getting in too soon. Then, when the trade goes in my favor, I tend to get out too soon because of all the psychological drama caused by the early entry.