Which of these could best lower shipbuilding costs? [176 votes total]

Staying with proven technology (42)
Multiyear fixed price contracts (44)
Reform Navy acquisition (90)

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Posted By: HerrDiesel Meister

Posted On: Dec 22, 2009
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Environmental Research

The US should give some consideration to establishing a true emmissions research facility based on a small bore two stroke and small 20-30cm four stroke engine where all aspects of operation could be tested and observed including pre combustion treatments, post combustion abatement systems and fuel handling and treatment systems including spearators, fuel mills,homogenizers, etc. It would not only be a great environmental research tool but an excellent training platform for advanced training of marine engineers. Much can be done today with existing technology to improve the environement however, the products and techniques must be presented by an unbiased venue rather than manufacturers claims. A facility as such could be utilized 365 days a year for research as well as handling a weekly class load of 6-10 employer sponsored senior marine engineers in advanced seminars. American Recovery Act funds? I have been trying for years to get such a fcility rolling. Happy Holidays!

Posted By: HawsePiper

Posted On: Dec 10, 2009
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Alaska Region Research Vessel

$123 million? What is so special about this vessel? And look at the yard that got the bid, another one driven by a "Navy Mentality".

Posted By: HerrDieselMeister

Posted On: Dec 2, 2009
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USS Saipan

Good example of waste ~ They sent it to scrap when they could have repowered it with a fuel efficient diesel electric plant and upgraded other systems.

Posted By: shipbuilder

Posted On: Nov 5, 2009
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rich get richer, poor get poorer!!!!!

Posted By: Realist

Posted On: Oct 9, 2009
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What about curbing power of lobbyists? What about Congressmen who are only interested in whether ships are built in their districts? this is as much a political mess as anthing that can be solvd by shipbuilders!