Doin' the W3C
New layout! What do you think? [368 votes total]

Ooh, shiny! (180)
It's pretty cool. (83)
Eh. It's all right. (37)
Doesn't display properly for me. (27)
I preferred a previous one. (32)
Needs more animated GIFs. (9)

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Posted By: Brynnie

Posted On: Jan 26, 2010
Views: 1430

How do we stop these spambots commenting?

Posted By: KTK

Posted On: Nov 30, 2009
Views: 1583
New Site Rocks!

I love the new layout! Now I can view the site on my iPhone (the window to your blog was nice, but my phone kept going there, instead of the comics page).

Posted By: yatski

Posted On: Nov 30, 2009
Views: 1584
No probs..

Those who are "pining for the fjords" aka. using less-known Opera..

Ads get taken care once you filter them.

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